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Examples Papers 2 - Analytical by Tata

Details of Examples Papers 2 - Analytical by Tata conducted by Tata for job interview.
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Some Model Questions

How many triangles are formed in a octagon. Ans: 56( check the answer)

A hexagon is fitted in to a circle of radius r. perimeter of the hexagon is ? ans: 6r

Max. difference between two birthdays of a man. a. 365days, b. 366days c. 4 years d. 8years

Which is greatest no. between 2300 and 3200? Ans: 3200

Which is the greatest no divisible by 101100 -1?

In a school no of boys is twice that of the no of girls. Half of the girls are in hostel. If the no of girls in hostel are 5 then what is the total no of students in the school. Ans:30.

In how many ways 7 girls and 4 boys can be seated in a circle such that all boys sit together? Ans: 4! 7!

Complete the series 3 7 11 _ 19 23 ans: 15

A square is inserted in a circle and an another circle is inserted in that square. Then the area of the smaller circle will be ______________ ans: 50% of the bigger circle

Boat problem: speed of the boat in still water is given. And speed of the steam is given. Asked for some time. Easy problem.

In a match SA scored at a rate of 4.6 runs per over at the time they were all out. India chased it in less than 4 overs of total match. (ie. on46 overs). If the runrate was 15% greater than the original rate then match may be completed 6 overs before. Then what is the total runs scored in the matc .Ans: may be none of the above

12. The sum of the ages of father and sun is 45. 5 years b4 the product of their ages is 4 times
the age of the father. Then what is the age of father? Ans :36

13. A problem on tank leackage

14. In a match total runs scored by sachin, sourav and dravid are 342. the ratio of runs scored by
sachin and sourav is 3:2 and sourav to dravid is 3:2. then what is the no of runs scored by
sachin? Ans: 162. Sourav108 dravid 72

15. A man if goes to his office at a speed of th of his normal speed, then he reaches office 50 min
late. Then what is his normal time to reach office?

16. The time in clock is 2 past 20 mins. Then what is the angle between min and hrs hand?
Ans: 50 degrees

17. In an A.P. series 5 times of the 5th term and 8 times of the 8th term are equal then what is the
13th term of that series? Ans: 0

18. A passenger train with speed 60kmph and a goods train with speed 20kmph are moving from a
station X to Y. the passenger train reaches 50 mins before the goods train then what is the
distance between X and Y? ans: 25km

19. One travels at a speed of 40kmph for some distance and 60 kmph for some distance total
distance of 240km is traveled in 5 hrs. for how much time he traveled with 40 kmph.
( not sure abt the question it is in the same fashion)

20. The time taken to move around a circle of radius 21 is 44 min. then what is the time required
to move aroundthe hexagon of radius 42? Ans: 84

21. x2 + 4y2 = 4xy. Then the ratio of x and y is ___________ ans: 2:1.