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L&T(ECC) Paper Whole Testpaper MIET,MEERUT - 6 February 2007 by L&T(EEC)

Details of L&T(ECC) Paper Whole Testpaper MIET,MEERUT - 6 February 2007 by L&T(EEC) conducted by L&T(EEC) for job interview.
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1. Maths- 15 question (very very easy u can do all. it is of basic arithmetic .)
2. English- 20 question (very easy. 15 questions of fill in the blanks and 1 RC having 5 question. go through R.S.AGARWAL)
3. Pictorial reasoning- 15 question. ( again easy one)
4. Mechanical aptitude test- 15 question. ( this section consisted of liver , pulley arrangement question.all having diagram and they will ask about the direction of any one and one,s direction will be given. THIS SECTION WILL DECIDE YOUR SELECTION LEVEL)
after thet there was technical question seperate for each branch.i m from INSTRUMENTATION & CONTROL .
this section consisted 25  objective question for each branch....
1. fllow is directly proportional to?
2.what is  newton,s first law?
3. what is pascal,s law?
4.strain gauge workes on which priciple?
5.capacitance is equal to-
  ans- capacitance= permiability*area/distance between plates
6.which is 3rd layer of OSI MODEL?
7.emf generated is equal to?
 ans= phi*Z*N*P/2*A
8.which is used without contact?
ans= ultrasonic.
9.which is not used for measuring temp?
ans= abbuno(another was related to temp measurement)
10.PID stands for?
11. PID is used for?
12.which is used for measurement of temp upto 1200 degree ?
13. 200degree celsius is equivalent to how many kelvin?
14. what is universal gas law?
ans=   pv= n*r*T
15.which is used for 1:1 communication.?
ans= RS 232