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General - Interview St. Francis College For Women, Hyderabad - 25 November 2007 by Infosys

Details of General - Interview St. Francis College For Women, Hyderabad - 25 November 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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hi....friends this is vishnupriya. i m from anantapur. i want to share my exp with all of u. first i am thankful to my brother who helped me a lot in preparing for infosys. then thanks to all my friends. and then my heartly thank to freshersworld wjich helped me a lot in preparation.

the selection process of infosys consists of only two rounds
1.written test
2.HR interview

the duration of written test is 75 minutes two sections r there in written test
1. logical reasoning
2.verbal reasoning

they give logical reasonig paper first , it consists of only 30 Q,s and duration is 40mins in this they give Q,s from the topics data sufficiency
data interpretation situation reaction
puzzles - 5 Q,s (means critical reasoning)
syllogims - 5 Q,s means they giv 5 sentences and the Q is we hav to find the logical relationship b/w the statements the Q,s r like
A. all refils r nibs
B. all nibs r pens
C. no pens r pencils
D. no pencils r nobs
E. all refils r pens
1.ABC        2.BCD     3.BCE           4.ABE         5.ACD

for logical reasoning u plz refer to Quantative Aptitude R.S.Agarwal. it is more than enough for this. and one puzzle i got is
 there 5 dice which hav numbers 1 to 6 on its sides and the conditions,when we throw it r
1.only one dice shows 6
2. not more than 3 dice show greater than 4.
and next they giv Q,s based on it like
what is the sum of all dice whemn u throw it one dice showing 5
like this they ask Q,s

then coming to verbal reasoning ,it consists os 40Q,s and the time is 30mins in this 2 reading comprehensions r there then they ask pick the correct sentence fron below 4 sentences then..they giv one sentence in dat they underline one phrase . they giv 4 options  int dat we hav to find the phrase which is suitable for that sentencethen they giv a sentence and one blank in that we hav to find suitable phrase for that blank in this section u hav to manage ur time don,t read comprehension first it is a time consuming. plz do it at last and my written is completed at 12:30 they told that we announce results at 2 0,clock but they announced at 4 0,clock.

i am very happy to say that my written test is cleared. and next day that is 26th nov we hav HR interview. and my interview was very cool.
there r two persons who hav more than 45 years i went and asked that excuseme sir they told that yes come in and sitdown and i told thanku sir and good morning sir they  told very good morning and he ask is ur college related to bill gatesi giv a smile and said no sir
he:tell me ur objective
he:justify all ur strngths with ur past experiences
in strengths i told i hav good analytical skills
for that i told the reason that "in yesterdays paper, analytical reasoning is there i hav it very fastly"
for that
he:so i giv a puzzle to u do it . i can see how fast u r with 6 match sticks u form 4 equilateral traingles
me: i tried
he:another puzzle there r 3 milk cans 20ltrs , 5 ltrs , 3ltrs u giv 4ltrs milk to a person
me: i tried
he:another puzzle
he:talk about nuclear deal 2 mins
me:i don,t know abt that topic sir, plz giv me another
he:ok , global u know abt this
me:yes sir
he:ok think for 30 secs then tell
me:ok sir
he:ok tell me
me: i told
he: if u r selected.can u go anywhere in india
me:yes sir i can go
he:any Q,s from u
he:told, ok u can go
me:thank u sir