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ITER, Bhubaneswar ,22 September 2011 by Wipro

Details of ITER, Bhubaneswar ,22 September 2011 by Wipro conducted by Wipro for job interview.
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Hi guys

WIPRO came to our campus ITER, Bhubaneswar on 22nd September 2011.

The written process was comparatively a difficult one where we were asked to answer 50 questions in 60mnts. It was an offline test on OMR sheet with no negative marking. So I suggest you to attend all the questions. There were sectional cut-offs which means you need to score certain minimum marks in each section in order to be selected for the next round.
The written test consisted of 3 parts

1. Aptitude/Quantitative--- 20 qns
2. Verbal ability------------20 qns
3. Technical Section--------10 qns

The Aptitude section was easiest of all. whereas the verbal section was a bit difficult with lots of antonym synonyms being asked in it. There was also a comprehensive passage from which only 2 questions were asked. The technical section was also easy but 4-5 questions were related to Linux/Unix.

All the selected candidates were then directed to the Technical interview. But before the TI you need to write a short paragraph on any given topic. The topic will be provided to you on the spot. In my case the topic provided wass "Privatization of Education in India".

Next was the technical interview.. And luckily or unluckily I was sent to the rejection panel.. Following were some of the questions asked to me:

1. Introduce urself
2. I had mentioned my favorite subject as Fiber Optic Communication. So the interviewer asked me :
-> Tell me what you know about optical fiber.
Ans: I told her everything that I knew.. from total internal reflection to acceptance angle and all
--> Tell me how Optical fibres can be used in communication and how they are better?
Ans: I answered comparing FO communication wid other modes of communication describing how it is better than others.\
3. Do you have any knowledge on C and C++ ?
Ans : Yes Ma,am
4. Write a program to print your name 10 times.
Ans: I did
5. WAP to print only the odd numbered letters of your name from the above program.
Ans: I did.
6. What are access specifiers.
Ans: Told
7. Again she asked "are you strong in Maths/mental ability" ?
Ans: Yes ma,am
8. Asked me a tricky general question, something of transporting a tiger, grass and goat to the other side in a boat.. Thankfully i knew the answer..
9. Any questions for me ?
Ans: What kind of people do excel in WIPRO.. (She replied hard working, quick learners etc)
10. How do you rate me as an interviewer ?
Ans: Ma,am I am here to be rated and I am not the right person to rate you.

I was selected in the technical interview and was given a PINK FORM. The pink form is your passport to the next level, ie the HR round.. You need to fill up all your details like your marks, address, working preference etc in the pink form.

Next day on 23rd Sept 2011, 10:30 AM I was called for the HR round..

The HR asked me only a few questions like
1. tell me about yourself
2. Why WIPRO
3. Why not any other company when they are offering a better package than WIPRO
4. What are your strengths and weaknesses
5. What projects or internship did you do?
6. are you willing to relocate yourself to any destination (To which I guessed that I am selected :-))

Finally she said that Sujit you may go now.. See you @ WIPRO.. I thanked her and walked out of the room.

The results were declared in the evening and I was one of the selected students from our campus.

Always remember you will be judged on the following criteria
* Self confidence
* Grasp on branch subject
* Grasp on language (C, C++, JAVA etc)
* Presence of mind
* Eye contact (With HR)