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Nit Raipur by Persistent

Details of Nit Raipur by Persistent conducted by Persistent for job interview.
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1 Technical test...objective
2 Technical/English test subjective.
3.technical interview.
4 hr interview.
total student appeared 156 .
cleared the test (obj and sub) 35
cleared the technical interview 12
final selection 4
most student rejected these company bcoz
1.boreing ppt
2 low package
3 waiting for govt. sectors
4 after that day thr was snap on 20th dec
5 so many round for selection
total question 60 total tym 60min package 2.5L to 3L
objective technical questions
total 60 question
50 where technical + 10 apptitude(simple)
on all these 50 question u first need to be prepare for GATE its tht much tough
all question r frm dbms os se c data str.networking csa ............
and after that 30 min for
subjective question 2sets
write abt globalization
write a c program to implement linked list.
set 2
write abt "india a land of opportunity"
wap to reverse the words of sentence without using extra space
eg "life is beautiful" to "beautiful is life"
Technical interview
it was really amazing to give a interview for 1hr
hmm its sure all interview are approx 1hr...
so prepare all subject u know can be asked by thm..... .if u don,t know any subject say it properly to thm thn also thy will ask u do u know abt the basic of tht subject or not ........they mainly giv stress on dbms ( relation intigrity .types of intigrity cursor, keys , join, normalization ,differnet bet 4th and 5th normal form with eg , transection b/w user A and user B ,locks which lock will u use in certain condition , why u use locks,, rdbms and dbms packages ) os (unix systm , kernal , paging , vertual mamory , typs of scheduling etc ) csa (gray code convertion , l1 cache l2 cache , rom ram cache difference ,how computer works etc ) data str( types of data str , which data str u will prepare when why how, impliment thn in any progming language, sorting and selection sorting complexity how they works b+ tree avl tree binary tree c implementaion) differce bet java c cpp and threads multithreads uses etcssss