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INFOSYS Vijay Rural College Nijamabad, 9 January 2012 by Infosys

Details of INFOSYS Vijay Rural College Nijamabad, 9 January 2012 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Hi guys,
I m Vivek.N of Jayamukhi college,Warangal..,I have attended infosys recuritment on 9th through JKC.,4 districts (Adilabad..,Nijambad..,Karimnagar..,Warangal) were called for interview with some criteria around 1100+ students were invited but 971 attended..,Finally 73 for HR round ..,then

------------50 out of 971---------were placed i was NOT one of the 50 members..


Wriiten test
--- Reasoning(30questions-40min)
--- Verbal(40questions-30min)

NORMAL CUT OFF --- 60% for Reasoning(18 marks)
50% for Verbal(20marks)

If u r going through JKC or otherthan ur campus for recruitment, remember that the paper will be tough & the Verbal part will be lengthy, in 35 minutes u cannot attempt all..,

1. PICTURE REASONING (5 questions)

In this section, a series of pictures are given which may consist of picture series, picture analogy or picture classification.


In this section, sequence questions like seating arrangement or money distribution or height arrangement are given. A set of five questions are based directly on the statements given.

3. DATA SUFFICIENCY (5 questions)

Here a set of two statements are given followed by 5 options which satisfy the answer for the statements. You have to decide which option best suits the answer.
4. DATA INTERPRETATION (5 questions)

This section consists of a direct sequence of 5 questions based on the data which is provided in the form of table charts, bar charts, pie charts or line charts.

5. RELATION PROBLEM (5 questions)

This section consists of questions which are similar to the sets and relations like students with biology, maths, physics and chemistry, maths and biology, only physics, etc., and questions related as such.

6. SYLLOGISM (5 questions)

This section consists of statement followed by two conclusions. We need to pick out from 5 options which suits the best answer

The Verbal Ability test pattern is distributed into 5 different topics as:

1. SENTENCE CORRECTION (8 questions)

Among 4 sentences the correct one should be detected


3. FILL IN THE BLANKS (8questions)

4. THEME DETECTION (6 questions)


-----------Be thorough with REASONING..,(Verbal & Non-verbal reasoning ).., Verbal(from GRE book.., something called Shakuntala devi book etc., )

Never expect any of the papers to be easy..,Especially Offcampus once..,They may entire change the way of questionings like (Two big passages in verbal..,followed by big sentence corrections..,etc) Be prepared with all the logic,s and prepare a strategy for all.,

-----1st you will have a pre-placement talk of about 45minutes which consists of presentation of INFOSYS it,ll be intresting,Then in respective rooms you will be filling a form 1st where u have to fill up ur details ..,Instructer will tell u everything how to fill the form..Better to carry Pen & pencil..,Then u will be given Reasoning..after that Verbal ......!!!!!! For us they didnt gave any OMR sheet..,simply we have to write down correct option in given sheet..Don,t write anything on question paper & they will provide you rough paper too.

Finally---I wish you "All the very best" .,About me..,well I was not placed that means INFOSYS lost me..,I got an experience of Competition..,And i have a confidence that you will find me in anyone of other Placement experiences where you will see me as a selected guy..,!!!!!! Anyhow this is not my last this was my 1st...!!!!!!