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Download zoho placement papers in ms word and pdf format for written exams. Check zoho sample interview questions and test papers for your job interview.

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Detailed Zoho Campus Recruitment/Interview Process (2016 & 2017) Zoho eligibility criteria In Zoho placement drive, generally there is no criteria on eligibilty (number of arrears, GPA etc.) and anyone can attend the selection procedure. Also, most of the times it comes for both internship and full-time placement, so make sure you grab the opportunity with both hands. Procedure for Zoho campus placement Zoho recruitment process has totally 4 rounds - 2 written rounds and 2 face to face interviews (at the company). They will start by giving a presentation about their company for about 20 minutes and then stress you to ask some questions from them. Be active enough during this period and if...

ZOHO Placement Process And Placement Papers

Zoho Corporation, founded in 1996, is a technology company based in California which provides SAAS services. The company is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, USA, with offices in Singapore, Japan, China, India. The bulk of its sales and support operations are carried out from its office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India and the Philippines. In addition, the company has research and development centres in Singapore, Beijing, China and Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu, India. Following is the placement process of ZOHO. Hope it may help you : 1) First Round : Written This round consists of 40 questions and test duration is 2 hours. The questions are not Multiple Choice Questions. 2) Second Round : Coding...