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Persistent Placement Paper Banglore 15 October 2012


It was less aptitude round but more technical round. It consisted 60 question 60 minutes an online test on software developed by persistent only (Testmate).
It consisted 5 logical questions ,2-3 quantitative questions ,Technical questions from OS,DBMS,Testing,CNT,Data Structure (mostly on trees,inorder,postorder,preorder).About 8-10 questions on C (quiet easy).
Basically they focus on all engineering syllabus covered for IT or CS stream.
Having done this, A problem statement was given based on file handling and we were told to write the code for it in 10 min.
After this a topic was given and we were told to write a passage on it “ India a land of Opportunities”.

The results for this round was declared at the end of the day and about 42 students cracked it to face the chain of interviews on the second day. Even i cleared it and it was a great feeling of clearing the apti after 3 unsuccessful attempts in Aptitude rounds. Now,I had decided to get the best from dis opportunity.

Persistant ROUND 2: Technical interview 1

Every1 was tensed bcoz persy is tough in technical and is very different from its seniors like TCS,Infy where technical interviews are cake walks. Now the interview started and the panel was very strict no 1 was allowed to talk o others or share questions after interview,Some were directly told dat they wer rejected 4m TI1 .My no was quite late and i went inside 1ce i was called. One NE guy was waiting 4 me and greeted me warmly. He asked me about if i had lunch and then he bombarded me with questions.
1. Tell me something about urself and projects u hav done .
2. Explain briefly the mini project.
3. Draw flow diagram for ur project and explain it in brief
4. Asked some questions in my project and its working
5. VB features used in project also about some basics of VB
6. Then he shifted to my BE project and got the basic idea of the project
7. After this question came favourite PL – i said C
8. No of questions on C- Sructures,pointers,LLs,... ...
9. Then OOPS principles ,inheritance,struct vs class
10. Then came DS, sorting techniques ,quicksort xplain .
11. Then came bit OS process threads
12. 2 puzzles – which i did nt answer very well

Then my interview was almost done and i was asked questions if any i asked few then i was asked to wait for some time in a room
Som of students wer then called and told dat they wer rejected and i had big butterflies in stomach but then i was called and sent to a room where a senior lady was waiting 4 me and yes, it was my TI2

Persistant ROUND 3: Technical Interview 3

The lady sitting was very senior and was very thorough with concepts and was 2 practical
1. Asked me to tell something about myself nd my last completed project .
2. Again i told her in brief and explained her some functionalities
3. Then she told me if there wer ny business analalysis used in my project and being a very basic project we had hardly included any then she asked me if i could suggest any on the same project.
4. After that she asked me about my fav subject I told –System softwares and then she told me to tell nything bout dat and work i had done bout dat . i told bout the 2 pass assembler i had done and xplained her in brief
5. Then she switched a bit to DBMS
6. Then we had a very casual talk about the engg studs and the syllabus
And then she asked me 2 wait again 4 further instructions . I was very tensed bcoz 4 me dis round was’nt dat easy or comfortable and the lady der was seeming really strict.But thankfully i was called for the next interview ie HR within few minutes

Persistant ROUND 4: HR

I was initially given a HR form to be filled and i was really happy to fill dis data , den som of my friend volunteers told me dat if i would give a decent HR i would definitely be in. So i was all prepared and 1ce called i went in, with all confidence to give the best shot .
Actually the HR was quiet busy and was sorting some papers and then he started my interview simultaneously
He asked me some basic quests like
1. Tell me somtihng bout urself
2. How was the procedure uptill now
3. Family background
4. Where do u blong to
5. Plan for higher education
6. Questions asked by me in prev interview nd ans got 4m the panel
And my HR got over in hardly 5 mins

Finally after completing all dis long recruitment procedure 1 was waiting eagerly 4 the results which wer to be announced on the next day.
I checked my phone 4 msgs or calls a thousand times or mailbox 4 hundreds of times, but in vain.
But a call came to me by 1 of my friend who told dat i was selected and i called our TPO and confirmed the news i was on cloud 9 and i informed all my dearer ones and every1 was delighted.
It was gud to here a positive feedback bout company 4m many of them and i thought that it was worth waiting.

Persistent Placement Paper Dr.BATU Lonere 19 December 2011

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Persistent : Test Paper

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Paper Type : Candidate-Experiences
Test Date : 19 Dec 2011
Test Location : Dr.BATU, Lonere
Posted By : vijay gade
Persistent placement paper
Persistent recruitment process and aptitude test experiences

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HI friends,
Persistent visits our campus on 20th Dec, 2011. There was pre-placement talk @ 8am. The recruitment process consists of THREE rounds and each round was elimination round.

1. Aptitude Test

2. Technical interview

3. HR interview

1. Aptitude test was online and was from 10am to 11.30am. They had prepared separate papers for entc and IT+comp. Nearly 90 candidates were giving aptitude test. It consists of three parts
a. Objective type questions (60que, 60marks, 60min. )-For entc all 60 questions were from quantitative aptitude and for others they have included technical questions.
b. Puzzle for entc and others have to write code in c.(20marks, 20min.)
c. Essay- My topic was “INDIAN MEDIA”(10 marks, 10min.)
Within 15min. they declared result of aptitude test.

Only 13 students were able to crack the aptitude and only 2 from entc and luckily I was one of them.
They announced schedule for technical interview, which starts from 12. My slot was @ 2.30pm and I was last candidate for technical interview but it actually starts @ 5pm.

2. Technical interview-
There were two panels. I don’t know what I call myself but both panels interviewed me and it lasts for more than hour.
Me- Good afternoon sir

Panel 1 -It’s already Good evening. Anyways Vijay tell me some exciting moments of your life.

Me- Blah…Blah…

Panel 1 - Good. I know you are not from technical background but you might have learn c, I think in first year.

Me- Yes sir, in second semester.

Panel 1- so, try to recall that and tell me about recursion.

Me- blah…blah…

Panel 1 - Good. Can you write code to find factorial using recursion??

Me- I am not sure but I will try.

Panel 1- That’s great. Give your best shot and let me know where you will get problem.
Me- (wrote but incorrectly)

Panel 1- (corrected it) Okay, it’s fine.

(Looking in to online aptitude paper) so, you have solve that puzzle.(ask question on that)

Panel 1- Well, I will give you another interesting puzzle.(given)

Me- (solved but half)

Panel 1- (solve completely) My friend want to have word with you.

Panel 2 –so (looking into my resume) Vijay, if I give you stapler and asks to test it. How will you do that??

Me- blah…blah…

Panel 2- What else

Me- blah…blah…

Panel 2- Whatever you have told me was correct but I want more accurate.

Me- blah…blah

Panel 2- Ok. Do you know how lift is tasted??

Me - no sir.

Panel 2- You will be surprised. (Told)

Panel2-why most of the manholes are circular in shape??

Me-(I was surprised by the kind of question but managed to told something but he was not satisfied by my ans)

Panel 2- You got distinction in x, xii till 4th sem but second class in last sem. Why??

Me- blah…blah…

Panel 2- (Again looking into my resume) you are good @ sports. So, why don’t you make carrier in sports??
Me- blah…blah...

Panel 1- I am done with you. You can go now.
Me- Thank you, sir.

After 2min. I got HR form and I was only 3rd from 13 candidates who got that form. I got call for HR interview after 5min.

HR- Please have a seat.

Me - Good evening, sir. Thank you, sir.

HR- Tell me something about yourself.

Me- (Told)

HR- Tell me your three –ve points.

Me- (told)

HR- Do you know testing??

Me- Not actually but I will learn.

HR- If you don’t know anything about testing, then how we should believe you.

Me- (told about testing.)

HR- Good.

HR- Do you have any questions??

Me- (asked some)

HR- fill the form FATAFAT and submit it to me immediately.

Me-ok, sir. Thank you, sir.

HR interview lasts for 10min. only. They told us that they will mail the result tomorrow. Finally they select all three(2 comp and 1 entc), who appear for HR interview and I am lucky enough to get selected.
Best of luck guys. After all luck matters everywhere.


PERSISTENT Placement Papers July 2012

If there r n processes and each process waits p time in waiting state then cpu utilization is-:

a) n(1-p)

b) n*p

1. A string of pages were given and no of page faults have to be found in LRU algorithm

2. here is a file server which provides locking for mutual exclusion . if any procees locks the file

and abruptly terminated this will result in indefinitely locking .The solution they found is to

implement a timer for locking of file i.e. if time outs then server assumes that file is indefinitely

locked and terminate the process -

a) this solution is perfect for mutual exclausion

b) this will solve indefinite locking

c) this will result in interleaving of file between processes


3. A critical section is -

ans a set of instruction which is shared by many proceeses

4. There was a question on automata ans - the resultant string will have even no of c

5. CFG was given

S -> 1 S 1

S-> 0 S 0

S -> 1 1

S -> 0 0

Find out the string

6. One singly circular ordered list is there if M elements are ti be inserted what will be the

complexity of time

a) O(M*N)

b) O(M*(M+N))

c) O ((M+N) * log(M+N))


7. find postfix and prefix of

A + B * ( C + D ) / E + F

8. Find out shortest path from A to B


A 0 m

B m 0 2 2 m

C 0 5

D 0 6

E 0

9. From the following when 43 will not be found by binary search (a series was given with last

element 43 in each)

10. From 100 - 999 find the prob. Of getting 3 digit no with no 7 in any of its digit

a) 18/25

b) 10/25

c) 729/1000


11. from the set {a,b,c,d,e,f} find no of arrangements for 3 alphabet with no data repeated

12. To save space which option is better

a) write all join operation than select than project

b) ---------,,------------------than project----select

c) ----------,,-----------------in b/w select and project

Employee = { e_no , salary, fname, lname}

Works_On = {e_no, p_no, hrs}

Project = {p_no, p_name} e_no from Employee where salary = salary

a) query invalid


15.Select fname ,lname from Employee where e_no in (select e_no from works_on where p_no

=(select * from project))

a) name of Employee who works on all project




16.B tree is different from other

a) has fixed index file size

b) is better for queries like < <= > >=

c) searching will be easy


17.func(char *s1,char * s2)


char *t;





void main()


char *s1="jack", *s2="jill";


printf("%s %s ",s1,s2);


OUTPUT jack jill

18.void main()


int a[5] ={1,2,3,4,5},i,j=2;

for (i =0;i<5;i++ )


for (i =0;i<5;i++ )



func(int j,int *a)





19.oid main()


for (a=1;a<=100;a++)





{ }

how many times foo will be called.

a) 5050

b) 1010



20.A hash table has a sie of 11 and data filled in its position like{3,5,7,9,6}how many comparisons

have to be made if data is not found in the list in worst case

a) 2

b) 6

c) 11


21.packet switching is better than circuit switching coz

a) it takes less time

b) it takes less bandwidth



22.addition of two sparse matrix in 3 tuple notation ---time 30 min

24a tree has 1000000 nodes than how many search r required to search a node

a) 25




23.A prgrm to arrange a string in order of occurrence of the character

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