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UIT-RGPV,Bhopal by Persistent

Details of UIT-RGPV,Bhopal by Persistent conducted by Persistent for job interview.
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First Round,, (written objective)
>Simple Aptitude(10 ques)
>data Structure(10)

Second round (subjective)
>Three Programs were there..
data structure
Out of 940... 9 were shortlisted for Development part & 20 for Testing Part. After that Real Coutdown begins,,,

Third Round(Technical 1)
Persistent needs core tech guys....They asked everything about data structure....most of the guys are rejected from this. this round ...luckily I made in development 6 were left for round 4..& in testing 14..
Now In fifth round they asked everything about ur I hv wrote servlets in CV ..they asked lot of things in itThey told us to design program for sudoku.....Now from this round only 2 were selected for HR. in Development & 6ere in Testing .....& Final selection 2 for Development & 3-4 for testing............finally after a long hurdle I made a comp of repo.......this comp has very very high rejection ratio..after all they wont give 3.4 lakh /annum easily.....All the best to all...

Hope to meet u all...@ persistent...