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PATIALA by Persistent

Details of PATIALA by Persistent conducted by Persistent for job interview.

May 06 2006, PTU Joint Campus Placement at Chitkara Institute of Engg and Tech.

Those guys will give u the same paper. They haven,t changed it since July 2, 2001... coz that was the date written on top of every sheet! There,s no negative marking in this paper.

The programming section differed as given in that paper and my paper had 3 questions. All were based on a graph whose Adjacency matrix was given. The graph consisted of various cities of india and it told about the various air routes existing among the cities. The programming has to be done in C, its mentioned there.

1) 5 fill in the blanks. A code with empty blanks and comments was given and we had to fill in the code based on those comments. Its easy, even if u have the basics right.

2) Had to write a function which printed the city with max and min connectivity and took only the adjacency matrix as its argument. Very simple, just sum the values in the row, then print the cities having max and min values u just calculated.

3) The graph was modified in this question and the edges were assigned weights. We had to write a function which printed the cities having the heaviest edges connected to them and also their weights. You should know how to make the weight matrix for this question...

tip: guys at Persistent like Trees, Graphs and Matrices.