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Placement Paper 13 December 2011 by ValueLabs

Details of Placement Paper 13 December 2011 by ValueLabs conducted by ValueLabs for job interview.
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1) What does ,virtual"keyword in C++?

2) EACKFHDBG what is preorder?

3) Depth of balanced binary tree?
a) log2n b) log2n+1 c) n d) None

4) Total no od comparisons in buubble sort when list is not sorted

5) Eficien data structure for store/search list of 1000 records
a) array b) double linked list c) circular queue d) hash table

6) static variale in C stored in
a) heap b) stack c) code segment d) none

7) Connectionless protocol is

8) Which is associative of data link layer
Options a b c d

9) Page pault occurs when
a) page is not in virtual address space
b) page is not in virtual addr space
c) both
d) none

10) When a process waits for an i/o operation to complete then it is called
a) ready

11) Router works which layer of OSI

12) What is interupt latency

13) RARP protocol used to

14) What critical region is
15) FDDI is which network
a) ring topology b) bus c) star d) mess

16) What are the protocol of data klink layer

17) Packet switching used for
a) atm

18) You want download a file modem spead (isp speed)56kbps. File downloaded with in 2 min, so how much data downloaded

19) 2 * *X 3* *
005 **
a*6 *
-------------------- find out stars

20) Six people are ther they went see the film, they want sit following order
Suzzy, miley, stella, rachel, raghu, geetha
Suzzy will sit either side of milay
Stell will sit eiher sit of suzzy, miley
Rachel will sit either side of suzzy stell

Like this what is prob of siting students
a) 40 b) 60 c) 54