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Whole Testpaper - Reading No. 3 by Quark

Details of Whole Testpaper - Reading No. 3 by Quark conducted by Quark for job interview.
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QUARK Placement Sample Question Paper

There was an online written test

50 questions = 10 comp. awareness, 10 mathematical (easy), 10 verbal reasoning(difficult, lenghty, you are advised to attempt them at last only ), 20 c++ or c or Java whichever u opt.
then three interviews, (2 technical, one hr) are taken.
quarks people stress on c++, os, dbms, SE(testing, sdlc etc.) in the interview.

here are some questions that i can recall from the written test.

one question of c++

int x=10,y=20,z=5;
x=x cout < }
ans 1

here quarks was on 12-8-03 and
recruit 2 mca,s and 12

first you should opt test in c++,
because they have
only requirements in c++.
they will ask questions on virtual
destructures etc.

there are 50 questions and time is
60 mins.
1-10 analytical reasoning
11-20 quant
21-30 computer awearness
31-50 c++

c & c++ questions are diffirent in
quant and in comp
the analytical reasoning will take
time so u should do
this at last i.e. by seeing the
length of question.

quant was easy

1. 165^2-164^2
a 329 ans
b 325

2. there is one question onloan
from father of 240
rupees the answer of that question
is 21.

3. all other question in this
section was easy.

computer awearness

1. Leading is....
options includes from msWord

2. which of the following is not
a. Pascal
b. pl/1
c. findles ans
d. j

3. one question on IPC(inter
process comm)

4. which of the following stores
highest amt of data.

a. floppy
b. cd
c. book
d. none of above

5. all other questions were from os


1. can there be a static class

2. dynamic binding is

3 o/p of following prog

int i,j=9999;
char buff[5];

cout< }

a. 9999, 4
b 9999,5 ans
c 4,9999
d 9999,1

4. class ab{};
cout< }

a 1
b 0 ans
c 2
d 4


class ab
int i;
virtual void fun(){}
cout< }

a. 4 ans

6. when new fails it
a. send _set_new_handler
b. send excection
d. both a and b

7. #define f(a,b) a+b
#define g(x,y) x*y
int i;
cout< }

a. 34 ans

8 #define x(a) ++a + a++ +a++
like this I do not
remember this question ans was 4.

9. polymorohism is

10. mutable is used for
ans--changing the value in the
const functions

Q1. __stdcall calling convention
Ans. stack is cleaned by the callee

Q2. mutable key word is used for
Ans. if used with a member variable it can be changes by a function declared as a constant

Q3. foo & const ref
Ans. this is not a good practise since references are always constants

Q4. private inheritance means
Ans Non private members of a base class become private members of derived class

Q5. int I=2;
Int j=3;
Int k=4;