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Nam Info Vision Placement Paper KOLKATA 18 May 2012 by Poor

Details of Nam Info Vision Placement Paper KOLKATA 18 May 2012 by Poor conducted by Poor for job interview.
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Poornam Info Vision Selection Process

Written test (Aptitude, C, LINUX, General Technical Awareness, Communication)
Interviews (Technical and HR rounds)

The recruitment process for Poornam Infovision consists

1. Written Test -Aptitude

2. Technical Interview

3. HR Interview

4. Essay Section

Poornam Info vision Written Test consists Aptitude and Technical Question

1 Written Test

Quantitative Aptitude : 10 Questions

Logical Deductions

Statement Problems etc.,

C section :10 Questions

Linux Section : 20 Questions

Technical Section : 20 Questions

Essay :200 words 1 Topic

Poornam Info Visions Previously asked Questions in Placements


I) In each of the following questions, a set of six statements is given, followed by four answer choices. Each of the answer choices has a combination of three statements from the given set of six statements. You are required to identify the answer choices in which the statements are logically related.
i) A.All cats are goats
B. All Goats are dogs.
C. No goats are cows
D. No goats are dogs
E. All Cows are dogs
F. All dogs are cows
a) FAB
b) ABE
c) AFB
d) ABF

ii) A.Some lids are nibs
B. All hooks are lids.
C. All hooks are nibs
D. No lid is a nib
E. No lid is a hook
F. No nib is hook
a) EFD

iii)A.All MBAs are logical
B.Sudir is rational.
C.Sudhir is a logical MBA
D.Sudhir is a man
E.Some men are MBAs
F.All men are rational.
a) DEC
b) EAF
c) BCF
d) FDB

iv) A.Competitive examinations are tough to pass.
B.There is heavy competition in any field.
C. No student can pass MAT
D. Very few students can pass MAT.
E. MAT is a competitive examination
F. MAT is tough to pass
a) AEF
b) ABC
c) DFB
d) CDE

v) A.All Pens are knives
B. All knives are spoons
C. No knives are pens
D. No knives are spoons.
E. All pens are spoons.
F. All spoons are pens.
a) ABE
b) ABF
c) AFE
d) DBE

II) Questions 5 and 6 are based on the following data:
In a class of 150 students, 40 passed in Social Studies, 90 passed in Science and 30 failed in both the subjects.
vi) How many students passed in at most one subject among Science and Social Science?
a) 100
b) 110
c) 140
d) 150

vii) How many students passed in Science but failed in Social Studies?
a) 70
b) 10
c) 90
d) 80

Poornam Info Visions C section Technical Questions


i) What will be the output for the following program?
void main()
int const *p=5;
a) 5
b) 6
c) Run time error
d) Compiler error

ii) What will be the output for the following program?
int c[]={2.8,3.4,4,6.7,5};
int j,*p=c,*q=c;