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Poor placement papers in pdf , doc and text format to prepare for poor company. Check following old poor placement papers with solutions and test interview questions from year 2010 to 2015-16. Poor is one of reputed company in india for your career. We can provide poor aptitude syllabus for your help too. Know about poor placement procedure and questions with aptitude test papers on this page. Best of luck for your interview in poor company.
Poornam Info Vision Selection ProcessWritten test (Aptitude, C, LINUX, General Technical Awareness, Communication)Interviews (Technical and HR rounds)The recruitment process for Poornam Infovision consists1. Written Test -Aptitude2. Technical Interview3. HR Interview4. Essay SectionPoornam Info vision Written Test consists Aptitude and Technical Question1 Written TestQuantitative Aptitude : 10 QuestionsLogical DeductionsStatement Problems etc.,C section :10 QuestionsLinux Section : 20 QuestionsTechnical Section : 20 QuestionsEssay :200 words 1 TopicPoornam Info Visions Previously asked Questions in Placements1.APTITUDE SECTION: 10 QUESTIONSI) In each of the following questions, a set of six...
Poornam Info Vision Technical Interview Questions1What will be the output of the following code?void main (){ int i = 0 , a[3] ;a[i] = i++;printf (%d",a[i]) ;}Ans: The output for the above code would be a garbage value. In the statement a[i] = i++; the value of the variable i would get assigned first to a[i] i.e. a[0] and then the value of i would get incremented by 1. Since a[i] i.e. a[1] has not been initialized, a[i] will have a garbage value.2 Why doesn,t the following code give the desired result?int x = 3000, y = 2000 ;long int z = x * y ;Ans: Here the multiplication is carried out between two ints x and y, and the result that would overflow would be truncated before being assigned to...
POORNAM INFO SELECTION PROCEDURE The Poornam Info Vision Interview Process:      If you are contemplating a career with Poornam, you would like to know more about our Interview process. This process is very thorough and personal, that provides us an objective evaluation of your skills, experiences and competencies. This is an opportunity for you and us to evaluate each other in depth. What are we looking for? What should you expect? Here is a brief explanation of our 5 step process. Stage1 Your resumes are screened by a team of experts. Usually each member of the screening team reviews resumes individually and the resumes are graded as per a set of predetermined criterion....
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