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Test Pattern by Newgen

Details of Test Pattern by Newgen conducted by Newgen for job interview.
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The selection procedure is of 3 rounds..

First is written test
Second is psychometric test
Third is personal interview

Written test consists of 3 sections
1>verbal and aptitude  30 ques in 35 mins   30 marks
questions were easy if you have some practice on it you will solve all of them in  time

2>quanitative apti-10 ques in 10 mins        10 marks
easy section

3>Technical section-10 ques 20mins         20 marks

3-5 ques on c  rest on computer awareness(like  full form of arp,ssl etc)

Psychometric test it is not a elimination round is just for your HR

there were 50 ques and you have to answer them in 30 mins..

Personal interview

Questions in C and data structure  and some sort of HR..
if you have good knowledge of C you can clear it easily....