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Sample Exam 3 - Infotech Sample Placement Papers by 3i

Details of Sample Exam 3 - Infotech Sample Placement Papers by 3i conducted by 3i for job interview.
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Here are some solved questions from 3i Infotech Placement Papers

1) Mr. Shah decided to walk down the escalator of a tube station. He
found that if he walks down 26 steps, he requires 30 seconds to
reach the bottom. However, if he steps down 34 stairs he would only
require 18 seconds to get to the bottom. If the time is measured from
the moment the top step begins to descend to the time he steps off
the last step at the bottom, find out the height of the stair way in

Ans.46 steps.

2) The average age of 10 members of a committee is the same as it was
4 years ago, because an old member has been replaced by a young
member. Find how much younger is the new member ?

Ans.40 years.

3) ABCE is an isosceles trapezoid and ACDE is a rectangle. AB = 10
and EC = 20. What is the length of AE?

Ans. AE = 10.

4) In the given figure, PA and PB are tangents to the
circle at A and B respectively and the chord BC is parallel to
tangent PA. If AC = 6 cm, and length of the tangent AP is 9 cm, then what
is the length of the chord BC?

Ans. BC = 4 cm.