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General - Interview Office,Delhi - 29 October 2007 by 3i

Details of General - Interview Office,Delhi - 29 October 2007 by 3i conducted by 3i for job interview.
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hi frndz...abhinav raj once again here... i got selected in 3i aptitude.. n wat i think dat i would hv got about ..17 in verbal..13 in logic n 14 in about g.d. dat i faced..b4 starting they requested that plz dont create fish market here. our group was of 15 n topic was" shud attendence be mendatory in colleges". i tried to initiate but but one person said dat its better if we all tell our view one by one rather than contradicting each other.we all agreed.n 13 cleared g.d out of 15.but this is exceptional case. they were generally eliminating 50% from each group...

Interview was HR type n asked very basic things about my project...interview lasted for 15 min...
Q: tell me about yourself??
Q: hv u ever appeared 4 infy??
Q: wat vl u do if u get chance to work for infy aftr this interview??
Q:name companies u appeared before??
Q: explain your project...
Q: how u r innovative??
Q: how u know about 3i??
Q: explain ur condition when u feel u were in most stressed condition of mind..
Q: wat r problems faced in team work??
Q:do u know about job profile??
Q:do u know about bond??
Q:do u hv sum questions??
me: sir wat is difference b/w product n solution providing company??
me: sir wat is the meaning of I in CMMI???
me: sir when would i get my joining if i get selected??