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Whole Testpaper by FORCE

Details of Whole Testpaper by FORCE conducted by FORCE for job interview.
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Force Computers Questions

4-5 questions on completing the given number series
for eg: 2 3 6 15 ?
(a).. (b)42 (c)..(d)..
ans: difference b/w consecutive nos: 1, 3, 9,?=>each no is multiplied by 3 to get the next addend
therefore, 9*3=27 is to be added to 15 to get the ans=42

4-5 questions on completing the given letter & no series ...
dont remember any:)

(a)stand:sit (b)run:jump(c)..(d)...

a paragraph was answer the next 5-6 questions based on the paragraph..

if a man sells 2 things at rs.99/- and makes a profit of 10% on 1 and a loss of 10% on the other, he ended with
(a) a loss of 2rs (b)a gain of 2rs (c)a loss of 3rs (d)a gain of 3rs

a problem on pipes & tank: pipe A fills the tank in 12 mins,pipe B fills 15 litres in (some time isgiven)
pipe C drains from the tank in ...mins & some other condition was given..what is the capacity if the tank

some 2-3problems of the "statement-conclusion" type...
for eg:some authors are books all books are stars
(a)only I follows (b)only II follows (c) both II & III follows (d)none follows

a train passes a person standing on the platform in 30 seconds,another train in 20 seconds. in what time do the 2 trains pass each other?( some question of this sort)
if 2 straight lines are given as a1x+b1y=c1; a2x+b2y=c2 and given that a1/a2 is not = to b1/b2; then the 2 lines
(a) are parallell (b)intersect (c) are normal to one another (d)..

in a class of 60, 1/3rd play cricket, 40% play chess,1/5th play both chess & cricket,1/5th collect
which of the following is true?
(i)only 9 people play chess
(ii)40 people dont play cricket

if A & B do a job...if C joins in...what share should be given to C?(i dont remember the nos :))

in how many ways can u make salad with cucumber,onion,tomato,potato,cabbage,spinach if all of them must contain onion?
finding the odd one out: 1 question..

if d is taller than b who is taller than c; a is taller than d but shorter than e.if they all are made to stand in a line and we start counting from the tallest, who is the 3rd person?
(a)a (b)b (c)d (d)...

full electronics

a question on phototransistor ..given I=2.5uA(lit) ,Vce(lit)=....,ratio of current,s when lit to dark is 2:1 what is the voltage...?

64K,16bit computer has a memory of ____bytes
(a)64*16 (b) 64*1000*16 (c)64*1024*2 ---ans (d) 64*1024*16

an opamp ckt is given with a resistor from - ve(of oopamp) to grd,what is the use of R3?
(a) to remove the error voltage from o/p---ans

oscillator freq is not affected by which of the following?
(b)inter-element capacitance in active devices in the ckt
(c)coil size
(d) temperature variations

a ckt is given : ideal I source of 1A in parallell with ( an ideal V source of 1V in series with an ideal diode with cathode towards the +ve of V source),which of the following is true?
(a)the current source has a 1V voltage limit
(b)the V source has a current limit of 1A

a ckt is given:an ac source V=Vmsinwt in series with a resistance of 10Kohm,a diode (1rst anode comes),another

diode(cathode 1rst,the anode is connected back 2 source),what is the voltage across R?

bridge rectifier is better than using 2 diodes bcoz
(a)no centre tap..
(b)higher reliablity,stability

no load voltage of a power supply=12V, with load=9V ,percentage regulation?
(a)66% (b)33% (c)25% (d)..

question on 8255 control register accessing with A0,A1 as required:
(a)only chip select is asserted
(b)only read signal is asserted
(c)both chip select & read signal are asserted

8259 can control how many interrupts?

2 questions on 8085 program o/p,s