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Placement Paper Delhi 14 July 2012 by EIL

Details of Placement Paper Delhi 14 July 2012 by EIL conducted by EIL for job interview.
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EIL Section - I General awareness questions

Hello everyone. I am Ayush. Today i gave EIL mechanical engg. paper.

The question paper was consisted of 150 questions : 100 technical + 50 Non-technical.

The non tech part was average including general awareness, english with passages, synonyms, articles, and aptitude. One can do good in this section if he/she is an avg student. But to be sure to clear the cutoff u need to work little bit hard.

The technical part was much easier than i expected. The questions were from all the parts viz. RAC, SOM, IC Engines, TOM, HT, Metallurgy, Production, Industrial, etc. You can really score good marks with ease , needed that you are clear with your basics. It is really not difficult. I am sharing some of the questions(which i have remembered) with u :

1 : What is cryogenics ?

2 : Heat transfer takes place according to which law ?

3 : What will happen if petrol is used in a diesel engine ?

a) knocking will increse

b) black smoke will appear

c) low power

d) less efficiency

Ans : (a) (i thnik)

4 : Lewis equtn is used to calculate ?

a) tensile strength

b) compressive bending strength

c) ...


5: Which gear doen not produce axial thrust ?

a) helical gear

b) spiral gear

c) bevel gear

d) worm gear

6 : Effect of sensible cooling on relaive humidity ?

Ans : It increases.

7 : Condensation ov water vapour in moist air occurs at ?

Ans : DPT.

8 : Brakes used in cars ?

a) Mechanical system

B) Hydraulic system

C) ..


9 : Thermal diffusivity depends on ?

a) thermal conductivity

b) specific heat

c) density of the material

d) all of the above

Ans : (d)