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Eil placement papers in pdf , doc and text format to prepare for eil company. Check following old eil placement papers with solutions and test interview questions from year 2010 to 2015-16. Eil is one of reputed company in india for your career. We can provide eil aptitude syllabus for your help too. Know about eil placement procedure and questions with aptitude test papers on this page. Best of luck for your interview in eil company.
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EIL Technical Questions For CSE,EIL Latest CSE Question papers,EIL Solved CSE Question papers,EIL Previous CSE Questions and Answers1 Which of the following is/are storage classA. AutomaticB. StaticC. AllocatedD. All of AboveAns: D2 What will the output of following code{int x = 10, y = 15;x = x++;y = ++y;printf(%d, %d \n, x, y);}A. 10, 15B. 10, 16C. 11, 16D. 11, 15Ans:C3 NULL Pointer can be used asA. To stop indirection in a recursive data structureB. As an error valueC. As a sentinel ValueD. All of AboveAns:D4 Which one of the following is not the advantages of functions?A. Debugging is easierB. Testing is easierC. Recursive call is possibleD. It consumes low disk spaceAns:D5 What is the...
EIL free sample palcement papers,EIL previous years question papers,EIL (Engineers India Limited) Latest Technical Questions with Answers for 2012 Management Trainee Recruitment| Questions from Mechanical/EEE/EC/CSE/ and General Aptitude Questions,Engineeers India Limited(EIL) Latest Technical Questions for new Management Trainee Exam -2012,EIL Latest free solved sample placement papers,EIL question papers last 10 years Previous question papers1.A feeler gauge is used to checka. Radiusb. Screw pitchc. Surface roughnessd. Unsymmetrical shapee. Thickness of clearanceAns:e2. Which one of the following methods produces gear by generating processa. Hobbingb. Castingc. Punchingd. Millinge. BroachingAns:...
EIL Sample Paper Management trainee solved question papers,EIL Sample Placement Paper 2012 with 150 Questions,100 technical questions and 50 non-technical Questions, previously asked question paper,EIL aptitude reasoning, general awareness solved questions,EIL Latest selection procedure,EIL 2010,2011, 2012-2013 written test examination question with answers,EIL management trainees, graduate trainees, software engineers, Mechanical Engineers question with solutions EIL Section - I General awareness questionsHello everyone. I am Ayush. Today i gave EIL mechanical engg. paper.The question paper was consisted of 150 questions : 100 technical + 50 Non-technical.The non tech part was average including...
EIL upcoming management trainee written test examination on July 15th 2012 Civil Engineering sample placement papers,EIL Technical Questions For Civil Engineering,Mechanical engineering, Electronics and electrical questions with answers, EIL Latest Civil Engineering Question papers,EIL aptitude,reasoning.verbal ability,general awaress solved question papers,EIL previous years model questions paper with answers,EIL stream wise or branch wise question with solutions,All IT TCS,Infosys,wipro,....Non-IT Bhel,Bel,EIL,ECILSAIL......Banks IDBI,SBT,SBI,IBPS PO cwe,clerical,specialists officers solved question papers....EIL civil enginnering question with answers1. Consider the following statements:1....
Engineers India Limited (EIL) -2012 Latest Technical Questions with Answers for Electronics and Communication Engineering,EIL Fresh Graduate Trainee Recruitment - 2012 ,EIL Management Trainee - July 15th 2012,EIL Management trainee previous years question papers,EIL freesolved sample placement papers1. The eigen values of a skew-symmetric matrix are(A) always zero (B) always pure imaginary(C) either zero or pure imaginary (D) always real2.A function n(x) satisfied the differential equation (d2n(x)/dx2)-n(x)/L2=0 where L is a constant. The boundary conditions are: n(0)=K and n ( ∞ ) = 0. The solution to this equation is(A) n(x) = K exp(x/L) (B) n(x) = K exp(-x/ L )(C) n(x) = K2 exp(-x/L)...
HI frens...this is Abhishek choudhury from NITsilchar(civil engg).Engineers India Limited visited our campus on 28/11/08... I got selected along with one mechanical student.we had no written test. I m writing the technical question that were asked to me. Interview started with general question like "Tell me bout yourself". question were asked to me from all important subjects like structural design,structural analysis Foundation. structural analysis: I Had to draw bending moment diagram of---1)A cantilever with a moment at its end.2)A simply supported beam with a moment at mid span.3)A truss where i had to find member forces of each arm.structural design(RCC): He gave me the moment of a beam...
EIL PAPER ON 6th MAY AT BHOPAL hello guyz...EIL(engineers india limited) consist of two section1..Aptitude...50 marks2..Technical...100marks..each question carry equal marks. time limit is 2 hrs..question were easy...technical questions;it consist of 100 questions ...most questions were from instrumentation,power electronicspower system,..any body can refer to p.s.bhimbra non technical question;4 to 5 question were from maths (simple ratio and proportion,venn diagram type)4 to 5 analogy type questions..simple general knowledge passage, no reasoning..cut off may vary from 110 to 115
Engineers India Limited(EIL) provides engineering and related technical services for petroleum refineries and other industrial projects. In addition to petroleum refineries, with which EIL started initially, it has diversified into and excelled in other fields such as pipelines, petrochemicals, oil and gas processing, offshore structures and platforms, fertilizers, metallurgy and power. EIL provides the complete range of services needed to conceptualise, design, engineer and construct projects to meet the specific requirements of its clients. 
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