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Whole Testpaper1 by Covansys

Details of Whole Testpaper1 by Covansys conducted by Covansys for job interview.
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hi friends,

   This is ashma. I wrote the written test of covansys on 2nd of dec and cleared it. Then i appeared 4 the interview and now am waititng 4 the results. Procedure: Totally there are  2 rounds.   Total no of questions: 80           
Duration: 1 hr
1st Round : Written Test
       There are 3 sections in the written test.
1st section: Total no of questions are 15  and each question carries 2 marks. 3 critical reasoning were given in this section and each one has 5 questions. Mostly seating arrangements were given. 2nd section: Total no of  questions are 15 and each carries 3 marks. All are puzzles better prepare it from Sakunthala Devi,s book. 3rd section:
Total no of questions are 50 and each carries 1/2 mark. In this section the questions were  based on fundamentals of computer. 2nd Round: Technical and HR He asked me questions from DBMS, Software Engineering and also asked  me to write a simple c program.