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Placement Paper MEPZ Chennai 01 December 2010 by Covansys

Details of Placement Paper MEPZ Chennai 01 December 2010 by Covansys conducted by Covansys for job interview.
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Hi friends i gave a written test to Covansys.. this company is too good
I will give the test pattern hope it will help you all
I cleared And waiting for results..............

it consists of three sections
1.Critical reasoning..... questions like
p,q,r,s,t,u,v are staffs
B,C,D should select staffs some conditions wre given...little bit tough but refer Barrons it ll be easy

2.Aptitude General...refer agarwal verbal and non verbal plus GRE mathematics,tactics
Questions like 1,2,3,4....99
wat is the 100th digit
ans:5(not sure check out using cross check method)

3.technical...very very easy basic computer questions

2 nd round was tech and HR combined.

Int: tell me about yourself starting from your personal profile
Int: positives and negatives
Int: some technical questions from c++,java
Int: why covansys should select you
Me:I have excellent leadership skills which i acquired through effective communication,hard worker and good learner Which would achieve team goals
Int: then again some technical questions......5 to 6 ques then
Int: about my project

be bold and answer brush up with basics for technical questions surely you ll get through