Latest Wipro Placement Papers and Wipro Interview Questions for HR Round

Wipro Test Paper Srinagar 11 October 2012

Started with an hour of ppt session there was a online written round conducted by aspiring minds.

Written round has 4 sections : Technical(25 ques in 30 mins)
: Logical Reasoning (20 ques in 25 mins)
: Quant (20 ques in 20 mins)
: Verbal (20 ques in 20 mins)

On total written was of around 90 mins with 2-3 mins optional break after each round.
One more fuzz that was only one ques appears at a time and you have to mark the option in order to going to next one.
Though there was no negative marking so guesses could be beneficial.

Technical:(C/C++/DS/OS) 3-4 ques of sorting, time complexities, error finding in the given prog. , heap definition, C++ terminologies(over riding/ overloading) etc.

Logical : easy

Quant : easy. make sure of your running out time. do not waste time on heavy calculations in order to attempt all ques as last few ques were even oral.

Verbal: Medium level. Jumbled sentences, synonyms, antonyms, sentence corrections, last 3-4 were paragraph reading which though could be solved with bit reading of paragraph but with intelligent guessing with the options.

Be careful as each section has its individual cutoff.

10 out of 50 were shortlisted for interview round.

There was an essay writing round(non eliminative). our topic was "effect of media on today,s youth"

After this technical round. it was of around 40-45 mins. although technical part was asked only for 20 mins. pretty simple.

Basic definitions were asked. HR was very helpful. simple C programs like palindrome , string reversal etc. basic definitions of C++ concepts. SQL definitions, diff b/w DDL nd DML, view, union, normalization etc.
Packages and typecasting in java. etc
Life cycle phases in software engineering.

Rest was just normal chit chat session. she seems to be more interested in telling about herself rather than knowing mine.

Next day there was the HR round of around 15 mins.
He just asked about my relocation problems, faults in their recruitment process,short term career objectives, if not Wipro what,s next sort of things. They were just looking for your communication skills and confidence in your speech.

Wipro Test Paper Hyderabad 15 September 2012

I have attended campus placements held in our college for wipro. I have benefited by this site a lot so i would like to give my help and support to this by giving my interview experiences and d days procedure. first written exam was held by amcat a private company which conducts exams, and our exam was an online exam, it consisted of three parts

1) Quantitative Aptitude

2) Logical Ability

3) English

The main advantage I got is our college has requested amcat company to conduct a mock test a week before so that the students get acquainted with d computer and don,t get tensed during xam . for my luck I got a same passage in the written which I couldn,t solve during my mock exam . firstly quant paper is very easy and one should know the basic models and logical part is very easy of all parts i could easily clear the exam only bcoz of logical part and finally English 20 ques have to be answered in 16 min one could easily do it in 6 min if we just look at the options.

I waited long enough and came to know that i have cleared it

Then they called the selected students to sit in another rum and gave us a sheet and gave a topic and told us to write an essay on it . It is just to see how u gather all the important points in time and place them in chronological order .

We were given a resume type booklet and were asked to fill it
and a confirmation letter telling a bond of 15 months .

Next day we were called to the interview

I just surfed the net and came to know the basic info about wipro

And they told that there would be c lang also be asked in the interview so I just was tensed and finally I got a call for the interview so I just went there and waited for my turn
I was the first person from my branch (EEE) to go .

I was fully tensed as this was my first interview . I said k deepu everything is going to be fine u just do wat u can do and dont feel tensed on things which u cant do anything , these words recharged me a bit and I went into the panel


IW-Hi dileep ,can u please take ur proforma from this list ( the one which we filled yesterday )
(took it and gave it to him and I remained standing)
IW- Is it a punishment or wat u r standing please be seated

Me- Thank you sir

IW-Do u know that our company has a bond of 15 mnths do u knw it?

Me- Yes ,sir

IW- Do u wish to go anywhere when required ?

Me- (with a smiling face told ) s , sir I wish to go to new places as I wish to know
more places ,their cultural habits and living style

IW- You are frm electrical so frm which part I have to ask ques electonics or com-sci??

Me-( wid a smiling face ) electronics sir

IW- OK tell me What is a decoder ??

Me- Just explained the basics of it

IW- what is a flip flop ? and wat is a register ? ( as I have used a word register while
answering my previous ques)

Me- Answered it

IW- What is a diode ?

Me- (just got tensed hearing such a quest at an interview that too at final year)
just gave two answers not satisfied to my self

IW- OK tell me about urself

Me- Started with my name ,parental details , siblings ,(friends here u should tell your strengths with some examples so that IW should believe what ever u say n get full confidence in u ). I did the same n completed with my engineering life

IW- OK dileep I am done with you , u may leave and you should improve your communication

Me- OKsir thank you

I left from there and met my friends and was not satisfied as I couldn,t answer the diode ques correctly , my interview lasted for 10 min

as I had not had my lunch I and my friends as I returned there was a hr call waiting for me

so I just relaxed for a min and went there and waited for my turn
I saw the interviewer she was a very cute and chubby with all smiles over her face n its like if u be cool u can get through ,

even our junior who was helping the interviewers over there came to me and told that she is very cool and keep a smile on your face she would definitely select u

I entered wen I was called and closed the door gently

I wished her and sat .

IW- interviwer

Me- dileep

IW- Hi dileep

Me- Hi mam ( friends don,t call them as madam instead call mam because madam as per dictionary mean slut ,if they are aware of it they might get hurt )

IW- You have studied at different places how do u manage things?

Me- Yes mam I have studied for ten yrs staying at my house and from there on frns were along with me and with the help of them I could not feel that I was away from my family

IW- Good and didn,t u aim for iit ?

Me- Yes mam I had that aim till 3 months wen I joined my +2,but I came to know that I couldn,t be able to get through that exam ,I kept aieee as my target and worked hard for my goal and achieved it but for my rank I can get nit,s very far from my home town so my parents did not dare to send me that much far , so I joined here

IW- Tell me some thing about your projects

Me- Answered them wisely that my weak points or project,s weak points don,t get highlighted

IW- Your favorite tech subject

Me- Machines, power systems

IW- How many types of generating stations are there and how do they differ ?

Me- I explained in detail

And many other small ques pertaining to general things

Friends my interview didn,t happen as a ques/ans type but a full of conversation
but for the better understanding I have given it in q/a format

And I hoped best result out of it as I performed well.

The results were given out on 10th October and I was happy that I got place WIPRO and CTS also.

Wipro Test Paper Chennai 18-September-2012

Wipro came to my college **** ENGINEERING COLLEGE for campus recruitment..and selected about 120 out of 800+

Most of them get filtered in written test itself..about 150 are selected for next round...SO FRIENDS CONCENTRATE ON WRITTEN TEST

Actually wipro selection process is very simple....once u crack the written test.80% u will be selected...

1.WRITTEN TEST(online)

Sometimes they will not conduct technical round direct HR round its all u r luck...for me pure luck... directly went to HR round

1.WRITTEN TEST(online)

It consits four parts....

1. Technical question 10
2. Aptitude question 20
3. Logical reasoning 20
4. Verbal 20

1.Technical question...difficulty level(6/10)
If u r good in u r academic performance u can easily crack the question...
Its all basic questions only...for me its slightly difficult

Some of the questions are....
1.what is primary key...
2.when will underflow takes place in data structure
3.5 question in c and c++ output(sorry friends i forget those question) my tips is Study c and c++ standard keyword like auto,extern,const

2.Aptitude question(5/10)

Most question are mathematical calculation...I not recommend R S agarwall there is no such questions...I know previous wipro question are from agarwall but all are offline test they changed to online so all patterns are changed...

Questions like 2 power 50 /2 power 49 like that... order of precedence sums are came

3.Logical question(9/10)

Very easy friends.....


Friends concentrate on verbal area many of them eliminated because of verbal only..

It is a lengthy section also more complicated

There are two reading comprehension.. complete the sentence...phrases word...jumbled sentence....error spotting....

Its all about u r luck really...


I dont have this section went to direct HR(god grace)..

I share my friends experience they will ask your AREA OF INTEREST AND SOME BASIC C PROGRAM
Also they will ask basic questions on dbms network os software engineering...

Like what is dbms,wat is testing,wat is fddi

I attend this round really this is very easy round matter is SPEAK WAT EVER U R MIND THINK... DON,T SIT SILENTLY EVEN U DON,T KNOW TELL FRANKLY I DON,T KNOW(not for all questions ) try tell relevant answer...

My questions are...

ME: May come in sir(simple smile i made)
HR: Yes come in(age around 50)look like arrogant I shocked..
ME: (I just come and stand nearer to HR)
HR: Please sit down
ME: Thanks sir
HR: Tell about your self
ME: Explained
HR: (He interpreted and asked) r organizer in cultural (as i mention in resume)
ME: Explained
HR: What ur problems faced
ME: Explained
HR: How u faced
ME: Explained

HR: Why so many arrears
me: Tell some story all are spotcame..
HR: You got good mark in 10th ad 12th why now u r academics are poor
ME: 10th and 12th we will concentrate on study,s only...but in clg we have lot of distraction..
HR: Distraction?wat?u mean girl?
ME: !!!!!!!(actually i meant for clg cultural symposium co curricular activities)
HR: Which girl u like in u r class..
ME: Explained...not in my class i like girl from *** dept(smiled)
HR: (smiled)k u can go...
HR: Wait wait...any question u want ask..
ME: Thank u sir for giving me opportunities...can u tell mark assement for HR round
HR: Sorry I cant tell..boy why ask
ME: Actually I have my own blogs(actually I dont have ) so that i can share my interview experience in my blogs,,it will helpful for others fresher(it will show u r eager to share u r knowledge)
HR: k k u can go now results will announce soon...
ME: Thank u sir...


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