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Sri Vidyanikethan College Of Engineering,tirupathi ,2 April 2011 by Wipro

Details of Sri Vidyanikethan College Of Engineering,tirupathi ,2 April 2011 by Wipro conducted by Wipro for job interview.
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Hai friends,I just want to share my experience in WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES

dont worry and dont be tensed for not getting a job in MNC.

See take me as an example I started searching for a software job as a fresher from october 2010 searching was too late.almost all of my friends had got job but still Im not.getting,my first company which I attended IBM written test .i lost in GD.then again accenture,cts,hcl,and finally i got selected in WIPRO.

I wrote exam in SVCET in tirupathi on Apri 2nd 2011,pattern of written test was:


Questions = 50 ; time limit = 50 minutes. no negative marking. Offline (paper & pen) test

There was individual cut off for all the sections.and also cutoff is different for all branches.

Later my results was revealled on april 4th,I was eagerly waiting for that results atlast and luckily my name was in the list.

Next session is technical and hr rond is in WIPRO campus at hyd,is on 10th april I was tensed and nervous whether I cleared my interview r not, after going to Wipro campus they said to write an essay,topic was Population to India is an Oppurtunity or a Problem,but no screening in this round,my technical session starts like

Me:goodmrng Sir

Tech hr:goodmrng,please take ur seat

Me:thankyou Sir

Tech hr:r u from EEE right?

Me:yes Sir

Tech hr:k,Have u in good in technical Backgrnd

Me:Yes Sir said confidntily.

Tech hr:what is transformer principle and how does it works?


Tech Hr:can you differentiate KVA and KVAR?


Tech Hr:abt your project.


Tech hr:can you write any C program using for loop and explain?

Me:I wrote factorial prog ram and explain confidently.

Tech hr:can you give the examples of the machines which run continuously and does not effect even if we r not stop?


Tech hr:can you tell the difference between intermediate speed and continuous speed and give examples in daily life?


Tech hr:can you tell the differences between e-learning and normal learning?

Me: told (advantages and disadvantages).

Tech hr:thank you prathyusha,take this form and fill it.

Me:Nice to Meet U sir..

Then Il wait for hr round

My hr was just 3 min,in my hr also he ask some technical questions like how fan operates?which motor is used in fan?like thatI had a mail on april 28th 2011 that Wipro appointment letter and my designation was project engineer and my training was in VLSI domain

So finally atlast Im telling u guys be strong in your basics,and atleast u should hav a stuff in two subjects in graduation and be strong in C basics, after that u must b good in ur inter and intra personal skills,then wat else if u will b strong and confident enough in abov list u didnt search for a jobjob will only finds u..

I hope that whatever information i mentioned above is useful for you ..

All the best ,bye

See u in WIPRO