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Test Paper Hyderabad 15 September 2012 by Wipro

Details of Test Paper Hyderabad 15 September 2012 by Wipro conducted by Wipro for job interview.
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I have attended campus placements held in our college for wipro. I have benefited by this site a lot so i would like to give my help and support to this by giving my interview experiences and d days procedure. first written exam was held by amcat a private company which conducts exams, and our exam was an online exam, it consisted of three parts

1) Quantitative Aptitude

2) Logical Ability

3) English

The main advantage I got is our college has requested amcat company to conduct a mock test a week before so that the students get acquainted with d computer and don,t get tensed during xam . for my luck I got a same passage in the written which I couldn,t solve during my mock exam . firstly quant paper is very easy and one should know the basic models and logical part is very easy of all parts i could easily clear the exam only bcoz of logical part and finally English 20 ques have to be answered in 16 min one could easily do it in 6 min if we just look at the options.

I waited long enough and came to know that i have cleared it

Then they called the selected students to sit in another rum and gave us a sheet and gave a topic and told us to write an essay on it . It is just to see how u gather all the important points in time and place them in chronological order .

We were given a resume type booklet and were asked to fill it
and a confirmation letter telling a bond of 15 months .

Next day we were called to the interview

I just surfed the net and came to know the basic info about wipro

And they told that there would be c lang also be asked in the interview so I just was tensed and finally I got a call for the interview so I just went there and waited for my turn
I was the first person from my branch (EEE) to go .

I was fully tensed as this was my first interview . I said k deepu everything is going to be fine u just do wat u can do and dont feel tensed on things which u cant do anything , these words recharged me a bit and I went into the panel


IW-Hi dileep ,can u please take ur proforma from this list ( the one which we filled yesterday )
(took it and gave it to him and I remained standing)
IW- Is it a punishment or wat u r standing please be seated

Me- Thank you sir

IW-Do u know that our company has a bond of 15 mnths do u knw it?

Me- Yes ,sir

IW- Do u wish to go anywhere when required ?

Me- (with a smiling face told ) s , sir I wish to go to new places as I wish to know
more places ,their cultural habits and living style

IW- You are frm electrical so frm which part I have to ask ques electonics or com-sci??

Me-( wid a smiling face ) electronics sir

IW- OK tell me What is a decoder ??

Me- Just explained the basics of it

IW- what is a flip flop ? and wat is a register ? ( as I have used a word register while
answering my previous ques)

Me- Answered it

IW- What is a diode ?

Me- (just got tensed hearing such a quest at an interview that too at final year)
just gave two answers not satisfied to my self

IW- OK tell me about urself

Me- Started with my name ,parental details , siblings ,(friends here u should tell your strengths with some examples so that IW should believe what ever u say n get full confidence in u ). I did the same n completed with my engineering life

IW- OK dileep I am done with you , u may leave and you should improve your communication

Me- OKsir thank you

I left from there and met my friends and was not satisfied as I couldn,t answer the diode ques correctly , my interview lasted for 10 min

as I had not had my lunch I and my friends as I returned there was a hr call waiting for me

so I just relaxed for a min and went there and waited for my turn
I saw the interviewer she was a very cute and chubby with all smiles over her face n its like if u be cool u can get through ,

even our junior who was helping the interviewers over there came to me and told that she is very cool and keep a smile on your face she would definitely select u

I entered wen I was called and closed the door gently

I wished her and sat .

IW- interviwer

Me- dileep

IW- Hi dileep

Me- Hi mam ( friends don,t call them as madam instead call mam because madam as per dictionary mean slut ,if they are aware of it they might get hurt )

IW- You have studied at different places how do u manage things?

Me- Yes mam I have studied for ten yrs staying at my house and from there on frns were along with me and with the help of them I could not feel that I was away from my family

IW- Good and didn,t u aim for iit ?

Me- Yes mam I had that aim till 3 months wen I joined my +2,but I came to know that I couldn,t be able to get through that exam ,I kept aieee as my target and worked hard for my goal and achieved it but for my rank I can get nit,s very far from my home town so my parents did not dare to send me that much far , so I joined here

IW- Tell me some thing about your projects

Me- Answered them wisely that my weak points or project,s weak points don,t get highlighted

IW- Your favorite tech subject

Me- Machines, power systems

IW- How many types of generating stations are there and how do they differ ?

Me- I explained in detail

And many other small ques pertaining to general things

Friends my interview didn,t happen as a ques/ans type but a full of conversation
but for the better understanding I have given it in q/a format

And I hoped best result out of it as I performed well.

The results were given out on 10th October and I was happy that I got place WIPRO and CTS also.