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JNTU Anantapur ,21 September 2011 by Wipro

Details of JNTU Anantapur ,21 September 2011 by Wipro conducted by Wipro for job interview.
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Hi guys this is P.DURGA PRASAD graduated from Sree Vidyanikethan Engg. College and currently pursuing M.Tech.,-ECE Dept., from JNTU,anantapur

Wipro has visited our campus on 21st sep,2011

Selection Process:

1.written test

2.essay just formality

3.technical interview

4.HR interview

Here im presenting the questions I remember

I.Written Test:

It has three sections: a)verbal-20 questions

b)analytical-20 questions

c)technical-10 questions

a)verbal-20 questions

1.sentence correction


3.choosing correct alternative

4.idiomatic expression

5.oddman out

6.choosing correct phrase word substitute

8.arranging a word-FAMINE(Ans)

9.punctuation marks

10-14)a short passage

15.choosing correct phrase

Vijay closely resembles to his mother

a)resembles his mother b) resembles with his mother

c) resembles at his mother d) resembles to mother word substitute

Large scale departure of people

a)emigration b)exodus c)immigration d)migration

17.arrange N A E H L D-HANDLE(Ans)

18.punctuation to passive

20.odd man out

b.Anaytical-20 questions:

Very simple, not so hard ,just refer R.S.Aggarwal solved problems

1.problem on time & work

2. problem on shares

3.If B gives A Rs.20,A will have twice as B.If A gives B Rs.20,B will have three times as much as A.How much does each have? (try it)

4.series-8,13,21,32,__,63,83(try it)

5. problem on simple interest

6. problem on trains

7. problem on clocks

8. problem on areas

9.reasoning question based on paragraph-seven applicants for a job...

10. problem on time & distance

11. reasoning question based on paragraph-In a class of boys & girls vikas rank is 9th ...

12. problem on directions

13. problem on trains

14. reasoning question based on paragraph-A,B,C,D,E&F are family members

15. reasoning question based on paragraph-i was talking to friend tammy....

16. problem on partnership

17. problem on averages

18.given a passage asked to find its theme

19. problem on profit & loss

20.series-5,9,16,29,54,103,__ (try it)

c. technical-10 questions

1.find the output of C program

#define mysquare(a)(a*a)

Void main()




a)8 b)64 c)23 d)none Unix,___ is a process that runs when a user logs in & out.

3. difference between paging & segmented memory

4. in Unix, to start using less process resources, you would use the command

5.output of C program(dont remember)

6. output of C program(dont remember)

7.if a file is opened in rt mode then

a)reading is possible b)writing is possible

c)it will be created if it does not exist d)both a & b

48. output of C program(dont remember)

49. output of C program(dont remember)

50.given some expression and asked to find formula used

Try to get 60% in each section

2.essay just formality:

Given to write an essay on the topic: privatisation of educational system

3.technical interview:

They ask only on the areas which u have put in ur resume

They test the candidate ability in mainly 3 areas.(their core background, analytical skills-mostly asked questions on time & work, and C skills-learn any program which u can explain as they ask to write a program of ur choice)

Suggestion: If u are confident about the areas which u could answer with good explanation please mention only those because u will be given a paper to explain to the Hr.

Please be very careful not to create any negative impression on the Hr.

It all depends on how u can act accordingly for his questions.

If u can impress Hr although u dont have required technical background u will be selected.

4.HR interview:

If u have cleared Tech. Interview there are 95% chances to get a call

Its just casual

If this helps u in preparing for wipro then my attempt in submitting this will be considered successful

Thank u very much