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Test Paper Srinagar 11 October 2012 by Wipro

Details of Test Paper Srinagar 11 October 2012 by Wipro conducted by Wipro for job interview.
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Started with an hour of ppt session there was a online written round conducted by aspiring minds.

Written round has 4 sections : Technical(25 ques in 30 mins)
: Logical Reasoning (20 ques in 25 mins)
: Quant (20 ques in 20 mins)
: Verbal (20 ques in 20 mins)

On total written was of around 90 mins with 2-3 mins optional break after each round.
One more fuzz that was only one ques appears at a time and you have to mark the option in order to going to next one.
Though there was no negative marking so guesses could be beneficial.

Technical:(C/C++/DS/OS) 3-4 ques of sorting, time complexities, error finding in the given prog. , heap definition, C++ terminologies(over riding/ overloading) etc.

Logical : easy

Quant : easy. make sure of your running out time. do not waste time on heavy calculations in order to attempt all ques as last few ques were even oral.

Verbal: Medium level. Jumbled sentences, synonyms, antonyms, sentence corrections, last 3-4 were paragraph reading which though could be solved with bit reading of paragraph but with intelligent guessing with the options.

Be careful as each section has its individual cutoff.

10 out of 50 were shortlisted for interview round.

There was an essay writing round(non eliminative). our topic was "effect of media on today,s youth"

After this technical round. it was of around 40-45 mins. although technical part was asked only for 20 mins. pretty simple.

Basic definitions were asked. HR was very helpful. simple C programs like palindrome , string reversal etc. basic definitions of C++ concepts. SQL definitions, diff b/w DDL nd DML, view, union, normalization etc.
Packages and typecasting in java. etc
Life cycle phases in software engineering.

Rest was just normal chit chat session. she seems to be more interested in telling about herself rather than knowing mine.

Next day there was the HR round of around 15 mins.
He just asked about my relocation problems, faults in their recruitment process,short term career objectives, if not Wipro what,s next sort of things. They were just looking for your communication skills and confidence in your speech.