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Whole Testpaper GCT, COIMBATORE - 21 June 2006 by US

Details of Whole Testpaper GCT, COIMBATORE - 21 June 2006 by US conducted by US for job interview.
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I,m Radika doing final yr B.TECH in a college under Kerala University.
I wish to share my experience of recruitment in US TECH
a CMMI level 5 company in Technopark Trivandrum...

there were 2 stages preliminarily.....plz note i got an opportunity 2
attend by HINDU JOB FAIR held in Trivandrum..

level 1 : aptitude test

45 min

2 sections

1 a)quantitative aptitude ques(frm r.s aggarwal concentrate on time-dist,relative vel,%,ratio,age,2 trains start frm.
wen d they meet? type in tht time taken 4 train 2 cross each other...)mixtures,profit-loss
b)logial reasoning
fig wil b given wht comes nxt type
situation wil b given like person A,B,C,D,E works in same
office A likes no noise B dont like smoking etc......
arrange them so tht all employees r satisfied...

2)verbal reasoning & eng
mainly has 3-4 comprehensions they r simple ones but u shud b fast
synonyms and opposites

vocabulary like fill in spaces...

correct sentences

choose the most apt sentence.......

my advice 2 crack the test is 1st attempt english as most people dont
score well in eng.....

but thr,s section wise cutoff so attempt and ans all ques

no -ve marking

2nd part

Group Discussion.....

actually this depends on ur luck wen my gd was taking place in d prev
batches the entire grp was rejected or only 1 was selected etc but its
only relative performance tht my grp 4 were selected.

topics i got was ,is reservation necessary 4 d sc/st?,
other topics were is reservation necessary 4 women?
western culture influence over indian culture

so i got thru 2 stages nxt is interveiw, they told tht they,ll send me
an email notification till now i,ven,t received any.....plz help me
any1 out thr 4 tech interveiws.