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Whole Testpaper by Xansa

Details of Whole Testpaper by Xansa conducted by Xansa for job interview.

Few Questions: (45 min)
1. In a village in each family they give birth to children till they
get a boy. IF girl child they try again. What is the ratio of boys to

2. 2n+1 numbers in a list except for 1 num all had duplicates, how to
find duplicate in O(n)

3. In 1000 wine bottles stack 10 are poisoned given 10 rats what is
the minimum number of tries to find the poisoned one. Rat dies once it
licks the poisoned wine.

4. Write 1,3,6,4 using +,-,*,/ to get 24 (no repeat of numbers)

5. Which is the DS used in dictionary mode in mobile (t9)

6. Which is DS used for chess predict move each and every

7. There are $1070 dollars how to split them into bags such that asked
for any denomination from $1 to $1070 , u must b able to give without
opening bag...

If any one has idea do mail me qrio.qrio at (qrio dot qrio
at gmail dot com).. Eagerly waiting...

Another paper:
1. First fit issues...

2. Algorithm to partition set of numbers into two s.t. diff bw their
sum is min and they hav equal num of elements

3. Prog: given Numerator & Denominator.... print 0.3333333333 as .(3)
0.123123 as .(123)