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Paper Aptitude - Puzzle Delhi - 30 August 2006 by Telserra

Details of Paper Aptitude - Puzzle Delhi - 30 August 2006 by Telserra conducted by Telserra for job interview.
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1.  find out the value
     x  x   x  x
+   y  y   y  y
     z  z   z   z
y   x  x  x   z
2.A man returned from America and wend for walkin in hill Place at 3 o,clock evening .He walk first 4km/h ,after that 3km/h  hill place then when returning he walked some distance at speed of 6km/h then 4km/h. Find out how much distance he coverd at one side.
3.There a lawn of grass which grows equaly ,if 40 cows eat grass at 40 days ,30 cows eat grass at 60 days then 20 cows take how many days to eat complete grass?
4.There are two pole A and B 250ft,125 ft respectivly they are 150 apart from each-other two birds flied from top of both pole at equal speed to pick a grian that is inbetween both pole find out the distance of grain from pole A.
5.There are some poles between 1000m wire if we remove one pole the distance between two pole become 250/31 how many poles was there.
6.One grandmother,s age is in between 50-70 year she had some son each son had as many son as he had brothers,grandmother,s age was as many grandson in family ?
7.Four people A,B,C, D speak some languge of English, French,German,Italian. B and C can,t communicate to each-other A is midiator between them but A can,t speak English. A and D communicate each other by german Language.A pearson who speaks French can,t speak German.Each language is spoken by atleast two person only one languge is spoken by more than two persons. Every person speak two language. Find who speak what Language?
8.A puzzle related to cards
9.Two liquids A : B in ratio 7:5 and now 24 gallons drain out and b is added the ratio becomes 5:7 what is containr capacity ? 30, 48 , 84, none