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Priyadarshini College Of Engineering, Nagpur ,7 January 2010 by Tech

Details of Priyadarshini College Of Engineering, Nagpur ,7 January 2010 by Tech conducted by Tech for job interview.
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They gave nice presentation & explained the procedure for online apti.They will give unique username & password to you to access the online test paper.Different paper sets are there, so don,t peep into neighbor,s PC.
1. Aptitude Test
Apti had 100 questions to be solved in 60 mins. Questions were divided into 6 sections
1. Verbal reasoning
2. Non-verbal reasoning
3 Quantitative Aptitude
4 English I
5 English II
6 English III
There was sectional cut-off. They told us there was no negative marking. But after results were out for Apti, many of the students who solved whole paper could not cleared the Apti. No. of candidates clearing the apti was less, so there must be a negative marking.
Solve English Section first, they were so easy. Synonyms, antonyms, reading comprehension, filling blanks with proper verbs, adjectives, prepositions, etc. Above average student can also solve it in 15-20 mins. No need to go through Barrons.
Verbal reasoning & non-verbal reasoning were easy. R.S. Aggarwal is more than enough. Go through it. Practice all type of questions from it. Different sets had different problems. so don,t left any part of R.S A.
Quantitative part had 12 questions. Some were very easy, some were easy but lengthy, 1-2 were really tough. Try to give them at least 15-20 mins.
Results were out in 20 mins. My friends told me i cleared the apti. Since i had little doubt abt my Quantitative & sectional cut-off was there, i didn,t believe them. But then I heard my name, WOW, What a moment!!! a cleared most difficult hurdle of my way. Though TechM apti was easy but sectional cut-off(& probable negative marking) makes it difficult Only 10-25% can clear such an EASY Aptitude Test.
Then they give a form to fill to us. They asked for general information such as Educational details, passport details, family details,languages known, career objective for next 3 years (be specific such as system analyst, software testing, etc.)Future educational plans(eg, M. Tech. DON,T WRITE MBA IN HRM particular, You may jeopardize your selection in HR Round)
Mine was 2nd no. for Technical Interview.
He was a nice & friendly. I asked him for permission to come in.He let me in & asked me to take my sit. Thanking him, I sat & interview started.
T.I.: Tell me about Yourself & Family Background.
Me : Blah... blah...blah...Told him about my strengths & related them with my achievements.
T.I.: Your brothers works as software engineers? where?
Me.: Told.
T.I. : Which brach in .......?
Me. : Sir, I don,t know the exact address, but it,s near ...........
T.I.: (Smiling). Okkay.I got it.
T.I. : Your place of birth is "Yerli"! Where is it?
Me: told.
T.I.: Is there any lake near Tumsar?
Me: Yes sir, There is Chandpur lake. It,s a famous tourist attraction.
T.I.: So, You are maharashtrian?
Me.: No sir,basically I am Hindi-sider.
T.I. : But born & brought up in Maharashtra.
Me. : Yes sir.
T.I: You can read Bengali???
Me: Yes Sir.
T.I.: How?
Me: Many of my college friends are Bengali. I learned from them.
T.I.: You are from I.T. Good. You learned C ,C++, Java, isn,t it??
Me: Yes Sir.
T.I.: What is polymorphism?
Me.: Answered.
T.I. : What are classes in C++ ?
Me.: Thought for 5 seconds & then "SORRY SIR, I DON,T KNOW". I didn,t get his question.I was confused whether he,s asking for different classes in C++ or Definition. & instead of telling him that, I simply said SORRY Sir, I ....
T.I.: What is difference between Windows & Unix.
Me.: Told 2-3 differences..
T.I. : What is basic technical difference between Windows & Linux?
Me. : .......
T.I. : What is RDBMS.
Me: I didn,t rembered it & I told him I don,t know firmly.
T.I. You know DBMS?
Me: Yes sir.
T.I. : what is it?
Me: told.
T.I: Then, what is RDBMS.
Me : Still not clicked, I was blank & told I never heard of it.(!!!!!!!! :-) )
T.I. : Strange, You are from IT & you never heard of RDBMS.
T.I.: What is Waterfall Model?
Me: Explained with diagram.
T.I.: Strengths?
Me: Sir, I am a keen learner, always ready to learn new things. I am productive & a team worker.
T.I.: Weakness?
Me: Sir, I go into much details of something, though it is not needed.
T.I.: Biggest achievements till date?
Me: I was District second in Scholarship Exam in school days. In case of college years, I am Technical committee head of Intech i.e student,s forum of my department.
T.I.: If you are placed, any preference for location, India or abroad?
Me : I am ready to work anywhere.
T.I.: Plans about Further studies??
Me : (Told exactly what I had written on their form). M. Tech but after 4 years.
T.I: Ok Sanket, You may go now.
Me: Thank you sir.
It lasted for abt 20 mins
I was really disappointed with my interview. I knew the answers of the questions but didn,t remembered those & I was angry on myself, shouting , yelling & really scared that i wuold not get through the TI. I wanted to answer all the questions & those 2 "DON,T KNOW"s were really hard to me to digest. I was waiting for TI result keeping my fingers crossed.
I was confident, loud & clear while answering his questions. Even I said Don,t Know Loud & clear. Always gave answers after taking a small pause. Kept eye contact with him & shows eagerness in my eyes while listening to him.
That worked for me.
Some guys were asked for their favrt subject & que based on it., abt project, DBMS, ckts(ET students).Some guys were asked for only 1-2 technical questions, rest were all HR questions.
It was TI + HR in fact.
Results were declared at around 9 pm.
I was overjoyed. I knew now I can easily clear GD+HR round. I was confident about my selection. They gave us declaration form to fill & told to be ready with self-attested documents (college ID+ previous mark-sheets, 10, 10+2 mark-sheets photocopies)
At 10pm, they announced that further round would be held on tomorrow. we returned.
Next morning, HR took GD+HR.
He told some groups to choose the topics themselves, to some he gave the topic.
In my case, he gave us topic "whether marriage is necessary in Indian society." Total 6 were there in my group
He grouped us & placed me in Against marriage.
It was easy for me & I was confident about my selection. One guy had written MBA in HRM as his future career. HR shouted at him," If you want to be HR, why are you here. Go & do your MBA. We want Technical People" That guy gave him some lame reason. So, Don,t try to fool HR, he is smart & know more than you.
Do speak something in GD, you will get selected. HR didn,t ask me anything, but he asked some candidates about some significant people of India, Mogul Empire, hobbies, abt attitude, latest issues, etc.
Other topics in GD were Separation of states, Capital Punishment to Kasab, Divorce laws, such current issues.
Final Results were declared after an 1:30 hrs. My name was there. Package was 2.9lpa
That was the greatest moment of happiness of my life. I,ve got a job!!!! Only 3 from my branch were selected including me. One was my best friend. Total 18 were finally placed from about 135 students of my college who sat for apti.
Very few candidates were rejected during TI & then during HR. Almost 90% guys who cracked the Apti got placed.
Remember, if you cleared the Apti, rest will be much easier to you. For TechM, go through R.S. Aggarwal thoroughly.It,s sufficient. Remember Time Limit.Solve all the sections. At least 60% questions from each section first to clear sectional cut-off & then try to attempt others. Complete English Sections first, they are easy. In skill set, write about only those languages where u are really confident & perfect. Better you write only C & prepare thoroughly & clear all the concepts abt C. Refer Let Us C by Kanetkar for C. Be ready to answer about your project, many question are based on your resume & form you fill before entering TI. So think before writing something there.
I thank Freshersworld, it was immensely helpful to me. It was my first online apti,TI & GD, & I got placed. I got idea for TechM preps from Freshersworld & things became easy for me. Pattern was similar to that discussed here.