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General - Interview J.I.S College Of Engg.,Kalyani - 19 March 2007 by Tech

Details of General - Interview J.I.S College Of Engg.,Kalyani - 19 March 2007 by Tech conducted by Tech for job interview.
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I am from C.S.E. It was 19TH March ,one of the most memorable day of my life.Tech Mahindra came to our college. At 10:30 a.m they started their p.p.t.It was really very nice. Around 12 they started their aptitude test. There were 5 links , those consists of 5 different parts .There were 75 questions and 1hr. & no -ve marking and an aggregate cut-off marks of 45 nos.

1: Quantative Test.

2: Logical Reasoning.

3:Verbal Reasoning.

4:Comprehension Test.

I don,t want to give the questions. Just follow R.S Agarwal (Verbal -nonverbal,Quantative) & Sakuntala Devi.It will make u most prepared one.

After 1 hr. they declared the names selected for Technical Interview. From 180 students 112were selected for it. At 5:30 p.m. i went to give my techy. The questions were

1: What is nibble?

2: Then he asked me about my favourite subjects.

Ans: C ,Data structure,D B M S,O S.

3: Questions about structure,union,differents bet-n 2.He asked me to write a struct. body.and asked about the memory consumed by it.Then he said to add one ptr var. and asked abt. memory consumsution.

4: Preorder, inorder& postorder algos.(i wrote recursive one).

5: Wht is O.S?

6: Wht is m/m management?

7: Wht is mutex?

8: Tell abt producer-consumer concept.

9: D B M S wht does it means?

10. Data independency?

11. B. C.N.F ?

12. Why M.B.T ?(though h.r ques)

13. Are u ready to go Africa?(Ans:i am ready to go even in the dense forest but i want to take my parents with me.)

And u should answer confidently and if u dont know it confess it clearly. It was 7:00 p.m i was selected for H.R.