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University Of Hyderabad,Hyderabad ,29 September 2011 by TCS

Details of University Of Hyderabad,Hyderabad ,29 September 2011 by TCS conducted by TCS for job interview.
University of Hyderabad
TCS placement
Technical Questions:
1.What are the functionals of Operating System?
Ans: Its 1st question i din,t answer well.He explained the answer.
2.Tell me what are OOPS concepts?
Ans: I answered well.
3.What is Inheritance?
Ans: I said excellent answer.
4.What is Encapsulation?
Ans: Answered well.
5.Write a program for Reverse a Number.
Ans: I wrote, he satisfied.
6.Given one Number check each digit and if it is even subtract 1 and if it is odd add 1.
Ans: I said the logic,but couldnot write the program.
7.what is latest version of Google Browser?
Ans: I said google chrome.I dnt knw whether this is right or not.
8.Which Operating System you Use?
Ans: Linux(ubuntu)
9.What is Difference Between Ubuntu and other Linux distribution?
Ans: I said diff btn ubuntu and fedora.
In ubuntu we have to download each and every Internet needed and for fedora not
He asked me which version you are using?
I said 10.04
10.Tell me about your self?
Ans: its actually first question.
11.where we need Operator Overloading?
Ans: I explained nicely.
HR Round: Its around at 7 pm on 30th sep,11
1.Tell me abot your self?
Ans: while i was answering he asked another question.
2.What are the two problems software facing now a days?
Ans: I said software crices,and he asked crices..????
then I replied Sir I dnt have great idea about it.
3.Where did u complete your Graduation?
Ans: I said my college Name and its importance.
4.What you learn two great things from this University?
1.We can interact with different people coming from differnt states.
2.We can utilise internet and get more and more knowledge.
5.What you got less percentage compare with degree,inter and X?
Ans: I said exact reason.
Friends interviewers are very interactive so we have to interact with polite way. and donot
involve in politics even if they ask. just we have to say i dont have any idea sir/madam.
and also donot support any region.
I finally I selected in TCS.