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Tata Consultancy Services Srikakulam 4 November 2012 by TCS

Details of Tata Consultancy Services Srikakulam 4 November 2012 by TCS conducted by TCS for job interview.
I Know the tension we have before attending an interview. This is the experience of my first interview .I am very Happy to share this with you.

First of all, I would like to tell you that confidence is the only key.

Top 5 persons have NO written,I have direct way to interviews. Also, for the first 25 members Both technical and MR were conducted at a time. So, we have TR+MR and HR .

I waited since a long time from 5 pm to 10 pm and for each person he is taking minimum 50 min. so finally my turn came at around 10 pm.

Before going into the room I feel tensed. But once I entered they are really experienced in making you feel comfortable. There is No single moment in my interview where I felt tensed.

I went into the room and I spotted two interviewers and greeted them.

ME: Gud evng sir.
INT1 : Ha, sriram
Me : yes sir.
INT1 :How are you doing.
Me: fine sir..
INT1:Anything about yourself ( He is observing my resume )

Me : Myself sriram,I learned a lot from my surrounding father is the first person to encourage my every aspect.that gives me confidence.(started with school life and ended with engg.)

INT1 : what is your biggest achievement? (This time he fully scanned my resume )

Me: once hod mam asked me to explain something to all d students(flash)(continued that for 2 min).That is my greatest achievement

INT1:Being an ece student why tcs??

Me: Sir, IT provides global services anywhere .once if you enter into core industry you have to stick to that once but IT can provide solution to any organization. Moreover In TCS is also more concerned with comm., that is the main reason.

INT1: Do you know assembly lang??

Me: Yes sir..i also used it in my mini project

INT1:can you explain that program logic.

Me:Actually, I don,t know much about the logic. But I found that the interview has very less knowledge on electronics. So, I explained it for nearly 10 mins.

INT1: What are the recent technologies in software?

Me: confused with the question.. ledtv, augmented reality.

INT2: Uou are telling about your core trends. Anything related to software ?

Me: biometric..

INT2: yes, u r right. Do you know, how it works.

Me:Explained how we are using this in our hostel while going for out pass .the way we are using in college for faculty attendance purpose.

INT2: He smiled and asked. So every day you have permission to go out from hostel and rome in rajam?

Me : There is no place to rome in rajam.We harld go outside and that to for restaurant only.(He smiled).Then he explaine about how biometrics works(Nearly 10 min)

INT2:Do you know any programing lang?

Me: C, basics of Java

INT1: What are loop control statements?

Me: for, while

INT1: What is diff btw while and do while?

Me:I explained the diff between for and while ,then he interfered and asked again to the the diff btwn while and do while.

Me : Told something like one is entry controlled loop and another is exit controlled loop.

INT1:what are the control statements you know?
Me:if ,switch

INT1:can you write program for to print 3 2 1 /n 3 2 /n 3

Me:written and explained

INT1:write any prog using if .

Me:I wrote biggest number among three again I told I have a simple logic for that
( A>B ? ( A>C ? A:C ) : ( B>C ? B :C ) )

INT2:Very good.what are your areas of interest?

Me:Image processing, signal processing

INT1:Again you r telling core, anything related to software?

Me: No subject in specific but I want to learn java..

INT1:you mentioned that u know web-designing..what do u know??

Me: I don,t know coding but I can design a website using dreamweaver

INT2:ok,Its actually an application for designing ok..what is your main project ?

Me:It is used to reduce radiations coming from cell towers by minimizing peak power to average power ratio.(I know that they have very less knowledge on ece,so I continued without any interference.)

INT2:How would you like to implement this in real time??

Me : I thought for a while and I gave one line answer,We just strated d project 15 days No idea

INT2:what will you do from morning to night..

Me: Explained.

INT2: Do you have anything to ask?

Me:what things we have to learn to compete with cse people in It sector

INT2: Java,oracle. He explained this for 10 min nearly. He told nearly 15 to 16 topics and I was happy at that time bcz he responded will to my ques. I remembered c, java, oracle, dbms, php.

INT1: Thank you Sriram. You can leave, All the best.

Thank U sir. In a hurry I took the rough sheet with me and I left my file there. But I realized it in very next second and immediately gave that sheet to him (He is busy in writing feedback about me.) Thank you. Hey,Take your file.Oh..Thank you sir(A funny incident).

Come out of the room and I waited outside and observing him. He has written something on my form for about 5 mins.(OMG !!!). Then a person came and told that YOU ARE IN. Aaa..Very Happy at that time. And its nearly 11.30 and they told that HR is t around 8.30 the next day.