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Tata Consultancy Services Bhubaneswar 30 September 2012 by TCS

Details of Tata Consultancy Services Bhubaneswar 30 September 2012 by TCS conducted by TCS for job interview.
Written test was for 80min n there were 30 questions in total.
Cut offs were not disclosed but it was around 18-20.
There were no technical questions. Only quantitative aptitude was there.
Questions were not very tough. Just have a look at RS Aggarwal book or any other aptitude book , you will easily get through it.
About 840 students appeared for the test. Over 550 cleared the test.
Next was interview process.

There were different panels , having three persons in each panel.
It was basically HR , TECh, MR interview altogether. Even some of the students were called for one to one tech interview and later they were called for hr and mr round.

So , coming to what were the questions asked in the interview.
I went to a panel of 3, all the people ( a lady hr and two gents)
Question 1: Tell me about yourself
Question 2: (with a gentle smile)Are you 100% honest ??(as i told in my strength )
Question 3: what are ur favorite subjects?
ans: I told C , Java , OS.
Question 4: What do you mean by Multithreading in java?
Question 5: different CpU scheduling policies? who does the cpu scheduling?
Question 6: what is Jvm? who manages the thread Jvm or OS?
Question 7: Semaphore?? synchronisation in java?? Mutex??
Question 8: tree traversals technique with example??
Question 9: difference between arraylist and vector? how to traverse a vector?
Question 10: some basic questions from software engineering...
Some very confusing puzzles (questions) ?

Question 11: Why TCS?
Question 12: Any five tata group companies other than TCS?
Question 13: what is the Tata,s product used in every house?(salt/ tea)
Question 14: what,s your hobby and passion?
Question 15: your interests in? I said cricket then she asked several questions from crickets, then my views on who should be the ?captain of Indian cricket team?
What are the qualities of a good leader

Worst situation you have ever faced in your life ?