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Tata Consultancy Services 10 November 2012 by TCS

Details of Tata Consultancy Services 10 November 2012 by TCS conducted by TCS for job interview.
There were 3 rounds in this overall selection procedure

1. Online Aptitude (30 ques, 80 mins)
2. Technical round
3. HR round

This year the total selection procedure (especially aptitude ques patterns) was quite different and little bit harder than the previous ones. Only 21 out of 219 students from our college got selected in aptitude test and combining with Top 5s from all the departments, total 46 students appeared for the Technical and HR interview. Finally 24 students got selected by TCS from our college. Luckily I was one of the selected candidates and I would like to share my interview experience with you all :)

As I was among top 5, so directly selected for the Technical and HR rounds and it was quite like this.

ME: May I come in Sir (with a pleasant smile)
TR: Yes
ME : Thank you sir.

TR: Amrita, please sit down and introduce yourself
ME: Gave my intro and they were satisfied (friends, please be specific and dont take so much time to describe yourself. U can mention some important achievements or activities done by you).

TR1: So, U have learned C, Java right? Which programs have u done?
ME: mentioned around 6-7 important programs which I could able to remember at that time.

TR1: OK. Write the program of Fibonacci series and explain the logic.
ME: Wrote the program and Explained.

TR1: (satisfied) Any other programs ?
ME: Explained 2-3 programs.

TR1: Do you think, C++ has any advantage over C ?
ME: Yes sir, Of course.

TR1: How?
ME: Explained.

TR1: What is data abstraction?
ME: Told.

TR: Give me some real life Examples of Object and Class.
ME: Told .

TR: What is DBMS? Explain.
ME: Explained (Try not to give only definition..give some real life applications or advantages of it).

TR: What is the difference b/w DBMS and RDBMS?
ME: Explained and they were satisfied (by their face)

TR: What is Join operation in DBMS?
ME: Told.

Now, there was another TR who took my project file and asked ,
TR2: So, is this project completed and worked already?
ME: Yes sir, its completed and worked successfully.

TR2: Which portion have you done?
ME: Told.

TR2: So, U must have ideas about tables and queries..
ME: Yes sir, I think.

Another interviewer took a paper and drew 2 tables,
TR1: Now tell me how would you find subject wise marks of student 1 in an ordered manner from maximum to minimum, joining this two tables?
ME: ( This time I had to think for a while as I was not prepared so much this time for the join operations and at that moment I couldn,t recall max to min) I tried to write the query as per I could recall those.

TRs: (they looked at my query) Its almost done..just try for a while.
ME: (I tried for a while) And I was very near to the solution.

TR: Its OK.Leave it .
(It doesn,t matter if u completely solve some questions or not..they were looking at my attitude if I am trying or not. So try your best to solve if possible and keep confidence)
TR: what is normalization? Why we need it?
ME: Told.

TR: Do you think these two tables are normalized?
ME: No sir, its not.

TR: Then normalize these tables.
ME: Again got a little strike but I tried to solve that.

Now they asked something totally related to my project which I answered correctly.
In this interview, 3 panels were in front of me. 2 techs. and 1 HR( in the same table) and the HR and technical questions were asked simultaneously.(like rapid fire :D) but for better understanding, m writing it differently. The questions were:
-> Introduce yourself
(It would be better to make an eye contact not only while introducing but also throughout the whole interview)
-> What are your hobbies?
(be ready to face everything related to your hobby because they ask various questions regarding your interest. Like, for mine, singing, then which type of singing, something regarding my music sites or reading novels, then which type of novel..then describe some of them, if its reading newspaper, then dont forget to go through todays headlines..etc).

-> Why would you like to choose IT industry?
-> Why TCS? (most common)
-> Have you any problem with relocation?
-> Have you any problem with night shifts if some day works extend?
-> Do you have any queries?

(Asked about two projects undertaken by TCS because I was interested to know something about those)

MR: OK thanks Amrita :)
ME: Thank you very much Sir. :)

My interview was for around 45 mins. All of us were waiting eagerly to know the result. Finally they came to announce it at about 7 p.m, 24 students were selected from our college and thanks to God! That I was among them! :)

It was totally a different day of my life and to all who were along with me. All I can say is that, be confident and try to keep calm and cool attitude throughout the interview. Their behaviour was very friendly (believe me they are human too and not a thing of panic or any alien what we sometimes think . :D). So, all the best to all who is going to appear for the interview and thanks to all for reading this :) hope it will help u a little.