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C.U.Shah College Of Engineering And Technology ,26 September 2011 by TCS

Details of C.U.Shah College Of Engineering And Technology ,26 September 2011 by TCS conducted by TCS for job interview.
Round 1: Aptitude

Out of 65 students 11 get selected for Technical Interview.

Round 2: Technical

Total 31 Student= 11 Who have pass the aptitude and 20 direct Entry

They have loosed my Application Form and Resume.

After 1:00 hour I was standing outside the interview cabin and long discussion they have decided that I have to give another copy of application Form and Resume of my which already I have and I have given to them.

And my interview is started.

I was Last Student for Interview

Sir: Tell me about yourself.

Me: Myself Chintan Makwana from India. I am a D2D computer engineering student.

Sir: (Sir smiled against me and said) you are first student who said i am an Indian and Note down the word D2D on paper and ask me What means D2D?

Me. D2D means Diploma to Degree. I am a Diploma to Degree student.

(I have said I am form India because in TCS I have to relocate at any place in India)

Sir: ok continue your intro.

Me: I am in IT field from Last 6 years. I have extreme knowledge of all the programming languages. I know how to write efficient programs means which requires less CPU cycle.

I knows the programming language like c,c++,java,j2ee,c#,asp,,vb.. I am right now trainee at Suvira Technplogy, Ahmedabad.

Sir. What? you are trainee or traineer?

Me: Sir i m trainee not a traineer over there.

Sir: ok means you are learning over there...

Me: ya Sir.

Sir: Do u know Oracle?

Me: ya sir.

Sir: Write a select query.

Me: select * from employee;

Sir: modify above select query so that it is select only one row and display;

Me: Can we use where in it?

Sir: Ya, you can use.

Me: select * from employee where eid=&eid;

Sir: what is eid?

Me: Sir it is a column of employee table.

Sir: What means &eid?

Me: It will display only that rows data which row we will specify at the run time.

Sir: &eid display only single rows data or all rows data?

Me: Sir only single row data.

Sir: Are you sure?

Me: Ya sir.

Sir: Okey.

Sir: Java is platform Independent?

Me: Yes sir

Sir: How Java is platform Independent?

Me: Because java is compile on any platform and when it compile it converts source code into the byte code and that byte code is run on any platform which have its own JVM..

Sir: What is JVM?

Me: JVM means a Java Virtual Machine and it is Debugger and it use to run the byte code and give the output.

Sir: Is JVM is different for every Platform?

ME. Yes sir JVM is a Different for every platform.

Sir: Why it is Different for every platform?

ME: Because every CPU has a different manufacturing and it has different data bus so JVM is need to convert the BYTE code into native code for CPU which is execute easily by CPU. So for every platform there is need for different JVM which is compatible to that platform.

Sir: C is platform independent or portable?

Me: Portable

Sir: How it is portable?

Me: We can easily move c code from one place to another place and execute on different platform. (It is not platform independent because it is not run every platform like as java)

Sir: (Sir written word SDLC on the page and said me) what is SDLC?

Me: SDLC means System Development Life Cycle...

Sir: What are different phases of it?

Me: Data gathering, Analysis, Designing, coding, implementation, maintenance. (I have explained all these phases in deep)

Sir: What after Maintenance?

Me: If During Maintenance if we found any fault to above phase and also if new requirements are added at any phase than changes are done from at that phase.

Sir: What is OS?

Me: OS is an interface between hardware and user application program.

Sir: Do you ever develop any OS?

Me: No sir.

Sir: Which software is use for develop the OS?

Me: System Development Software

Sir: What is pointer?

Me: Pointer is derived data type in c.

Sir: Why we use pointer?

Me: It is use for store the address of another variable.

Sir: Written a Series on page 1,1,2,3,5 what is next term?

ME: 8

Sir. Added 8 to series on page 1,1,2,3,5,8, now what is next term?

ME: 13

Sir: Added to 8 to series on page 1,1,2,3,5,8,13. and ask me do you know what is it? Which series it is?

ME: Fibonacci Series.

Sir: Do you know how to write program of it.

Me: (I was thinking that in which language I have to write but suddenly without asking sir I have started to write in c.)

void main()


int a=0;b=1;c,n;

printf("Enter the Number:");











Sir: What is use of getch()?

Me: sir getch() use to get the character form the user when we write the getch() function it shows the screen for user input and allow to enter the character and at that time user can see the out for the above code which have execute. It is just illusion to user that getch() is use for stop the screen for user to see output but reality is not that it is use for to enter the character.

Sir: (Again Oracle) written table on page







Now Write a delete query that delete records who have a name Chintan but dont delete first record


(I was known that query is Delete from employee where eid1 and name=Chintan; but sir written only single column of Name so that I am not sure at that time)

( I have tried till 2 min but after that I have replied to sir ) No sir. I dont know query for it

Sir: Which is your favorite subject in thru out your computer engineering?

Me: all the programming language.

Sir: ALL?

Me: ya sir all c, c++, java, c#, asp,, j2ee.

Sir: Ok. Can i ask question from java?

Me: yes sir

Sir: What is awt?

Me: AWT means Abstract Window Toolkit which provides the components.

Sir: What is Swing?

me: It is same as AWT it also provides the various components.

Sir: What is Difference between them?

Me: (i was get confinuse.. but after 1 min i sayed) Swing is lightweight and AWT is not lightweight means AWT uses the component of OS in which it is run so when we use same program in another platform than designing of the AWT get change but Swing programs uses their own components and it uses the inbuilt java components so that on any platform designing of swing component does not change..

Sir: (Written below two strings on the page) How can we compare following two strings in java?

String x="Chintan";

String y="Chintan";


String x="Chintan";

String y="Chintan";









Sir: Really this is true coding?

me: ya sir.

Sir: Have you tried any time this code?

Me: ya sir......................(I was thinking in my mind: BECAUSE I Have already get practiced of this code i was know that in java it is possible because of automatic memory management and it is facility to compare to strings directly because string is class in java and there for x and y are object of string class.. but in c it is not possible in c so we have to compare character by character using taking array of character..)

Sir: What is address of x in String x="Chintan"?

me: The base address of first char "C"

Sir: What is address of y in String y="C"

me: The base Address of first char "C"

Sir: So it means that address of both x and y is same? Because you have said that both have base address of "C".

Me: no sir. They dont have same base address.

Sir: Then how can you say that both the string x and y have equal if there address are not equal?

Me: (I was thinking in my mind that in c many time we compare the value of a and b. If they have same value than they returns the true but originally there address is different. So after thinking 30 seconds in my mind I have replied)

We are comparing the value of two strings not the Address of the two strings.

Sir: Do u know the programs of if mouse is move in on the page at that time some event will happen.... in Swing?

me: me sorry sir.. I m not able to understand you question. Please repeat question.

Sir: Draws the rectangle on the page(means form) and said now if i move mouse on this page than write the program for mouse event.

me: ( I was not able to understand the question) no ...

Sir: again said that if at any point the mouse and if I move than say what things happen means do something at any time. If you want the then you can write this code using AWT, also?

Me: I have replied that using mouse over event it is possible.

Sir: Mouse over event in java?

Me: Sir i dont know it. (My answer was wrong right answer is using mouse move event of Mouse Listener it is possible)

Sir: See my C.V........ tell me about your projects.............

Me: sir i have done project name, and Currently i m working on the projects and

Sir: Please speak loudly.

Me: and I have prepared my all projects in SUVIRA Technology, Vasana Ahmedabad on the with c#.

Sir: (Smiled against another sir and Said to him which was standing on the leftside of me which was come to see my interview and watching my interview) Do you want to ask any thing to him?

Another sir: What are your current projects? and

Another sir: Who have given you this project?


Another sir: Is this live project?

Me: Ya sir.

Another Sir: Ok... Which tools you are use for develop this project?

Me: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and SQL server 2008.

Another sir: You are alone or any another partner?

Me: Ya sir i have one partner?

Another sir: Is he apply for TCS?

Me: no sir.

Another sir: Tell me about your current project...

Me: Till 5 minutes i have explained my project

Another sir: Who checks the answer of Question?

Me: Employee of the company sir.

Another Sir: In which phase you are right now?

ME: I have completed the coding of the Admin Side....

Another Sir: What?? Really??

ME: ya sir..

Another Sir: Do have completed the Designing part of your project?

Me: ( I Was thinking that he has ask me designing means look) no sir. Sir we are doing the designing at last because in projects we like another--another designing so that we are changing the designing so we are doing designing at last when complete the projects...

Another Sir: Do you know what is meaning of Designing in SDLC?

Me: (I had realized that i have done mistakes in speaking) Ya sir i know what is meaning of Designing in SDLC.

Another Sir: Which are different types of Diagrams is designing?

Me: class diagram, DFD, E-R Diagram, Use case diagrams.

Another sir: Do u know how to draw it?

Me: ya sir.

Another sir: Without designing how can you start the projects?

Me: I know it is not a right way to do the coding for projects without drawing the diagrams But sir we have first analyze the project and fined the what are requirements for the project and made the Data Dictionary for our projects and from making that after we develop the projects. We have defined all the basic functionality of our projects and started coding. Our projects is continue in 2 semester so we wants to add more functionality in it and right now we dont want to add all the functionality of the projects and we want to add more and more functionality in our projects if we get time. And we are not professionals who know all the functionality before the projects can starts. So we have not made the diagrams for it. (We have define all the functionality of over projects in the book and after making the data dictionary we normalize the table and try to reduce the table size so that more and more duplicate data are reduce)

Another sir: But we are professional.

Me: I know sir you are professional. I know there is first need to draw the diagrams and then develop the projects. But when I become the professional I will follow that SDLC life cycle.

Another sir: I dont like your method of doing the projects.

Me: Ya sir I am doing the projects by wrong way but we need to change the diagrams many times because we want to carry forward this projects in 2 semesters and Right now we are not professional so we dont know when our project will complete exactly so we have not drawn the diagrams. (We have written the functionality which are require in the book) Right now we have started projects by covering all the basic functionality and wants add more and more functionality if we get the time.

Both sir: Ok Nice to meet you.

Me: Thank you sir

Round 3: HR Interview