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BBSBEC Fatehgarh Sahib ,20 September 2011 by TCS

Details of BBSBEC Fatehgarh Sahib ,20 September 2011 by TCS conducted by TCS for job interview.
Q1-Hows your morning neeraj?
Q2-tell me about your self?
Q3 Are you sikh?
Ans no sir i m a hindu.
Interviewer-so why you are not clean shave?
Ans sorry sir.
guys be clean shaved and well dressed it makes batter impact.
Q3-tell me about your family background?
Q4-which is your favourite subjects?
Ans Digitel electronics,microcontroler, microprocessors and c++.
Q5-tell me and draw circuit diagram of 8085 microprocessor?
Q6-what is computer?
Q-7 draw the electron motion in transistor.
Ans i draw.
Q-8 what is signal to noise ratio explain?
Ans-i did..
Q-9 what is gates draw all logic gates?
Ans-i did.
Q-10 what is your ambition,weakness and strength?asked me one by one??
guys dont try to escape your weaknesss if you have tell him..
Q-11 why an it company with ece background?
after that for 15 minutes he was asking about my weakness and give me advice to remove it interviewer was very sincere as well as good in nature.
Q12 draw dbms routing diagrame..
Ans i dont know about this sir.
Q13 what you know about dbms?
Ans-sir, i havae heard about that it is cse subject.
Q14what is oops?
Ans told.
Q15 why tcs?
Ans told.
Q16 ok. any query?
Ans asked.
Q17 ok you can go neeraj?
ME thank you sir
my interview was arround 45 minute.the interviewer was well knowlege person.he knews many thing.i also learnt many things from him.guys dont be fake
with the interviewer.speak truly if you dont know the ans just tell him.
after that i was waiting for result in waiting hall and it was call for my hr round.