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KLCE, Vijayawada ,20 July 2007 by Syntel

Details of KLCE, Vijayawada ,20 July 2007 by Syntel conducted by Syntel for job interview.
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1. Written test
2.GD cum hr
3. Technical

nearly 2000 students attended written test and 308 cleared it and i am one out of them.Test has the following criteria 40 Q,s 60 min .
The paper contains
2.verbal(concentrate a little bit)

Reasoning comprises of
puzzles,i didn,t remember practice R.S.AGARWAL 4r dis

verbal comprises
3.assertions and reasoning
4.correction of sentences(easy)
after written its only hr 4r me its very easy (concentrate on ppt)

next is technical round
me:gud evening sir
hr: said gud evening sravanthi,plz take ur seat
me:thanku sir
hr:asked me how is the written test
me:said its easy
hr:how is the day
me:not really
hr:asked what r u,r favourite subjects
me:answered c,c++
hr:what is diff btwn c,c++
hr:about malloc,calloc
hr:storage classes
hr: program 4r calculating the day when date is given
me:explained the logic
hr: he said i would like 2 ask more q,s 4r u but i am vexed
me:said ok sir
hr:ok sravanthi wait 4r d results
me:ok,thanq sir
around 11:15 pm d results were announced 119 got selected and i am lucky 2 b one of them overall they checked 4r confidence and good communication skills(without any grammatical errors) b cool dis is my 6th company