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KDK,Nagpur ,25 March 2008 by Syntel

Details of KDK,Nagpur ,25 March 2008 by Syntel conducted by Syntel for job interview.
ESSAY WRITING( not an elimination round)

The paper comprised of 3 sections

The verbal section was damn easy.consisted of simple synonyms, antonyms (as simple as give the antonym for come i.e. go), fill with suitable prepositions, etc. This is the section, which is given utmost importance, & they even decide selection of the candidate based on his/her score in this section.

The quantitative section was a bit tough included topics like time & distance, work & time, etc. It requires constant practice dats it.
The LR section was also simple with blood relations, coding , odd one out ,etc
Total questions were 50 & time alloted was 45 min with sectional cut-off. Though I did well in verbal and LR but was not sure with quanti. Since there was sectional cut-off dat made matters worse!!! Results of the aptitude test were declared at 8 p.m and luckily I had cleared it. Then immediately we had to write a paragraph on a topic given to us (thy jst want to check how u put your ideas on paper). The topic was MY HOBBIES. It was not an elimination round and we were asked to appear for the interview the next day.

Day 2 was the longest day in my life filled with hopes, aspirations, fear, anxiety et all!!!!!! God can never forget 26/03/2008
The wait for my turn for the interview started from 10 in the morning & it ended at 4:00 p.m.
A maam took my interview (her name is Ms. Bhavisha. She told me later wen I asked her)
Me: May I come in maam???
Maam: Please come in Sheeba.
Maam: hi Sheeba! How r u???
Me: (tension mounting on me and bit of fever made me 4get even basic salutations..) Im 5ne maam thank u..
Maam: take ur seat Sheeba and tell me something abt u loudly & confidently
Me: (took my seat) answered it bt voice was very feeble coz of fever
Maam: loudly Sheeba!!!!
Me: maam im havin fever so cant speak louder than this..
Maam: Do u want some tablets or something (she touched me to feel the temperature. That was so sweet of her!!!!)
Me: No maam thank uIve had my medicine
Maam: (again) r u sure????? U r 5ne???
Me: yes maam.
Maam: ok Sheeba tell me abt ur strengths
Me: answered well
Maam: Can u draw the pin diagram of microprocessor 8085 for me?????
Me: Maam Ill try to.[ my branch is CSE and mp is something I dreaded in my 5th sem] She handed me a paper and when I started drawing I realized I had drawn microcontroller 8051..i told her that I couldn,t recollect any pin diag other than 8051..she smiled and took the paper.
Maam: Ok Im done wid it do u hav any questions???
Me: ma;am I wud like to know my feed back
Maam: Sheeba uve got good communication skills & dats what v r looking for.. Any more quest????
Me: maam I heard Syntel is blacklisted and some other rumors of this sortSo what is the truth behind all this???
Maam: She explained me all the intricacies quite wellAny other quest????
Me: Maam may I know ur name??
Maam: Bhavisha.
Me: It was a pleasure talking to u maam
Maam: same here Sheeba..

The results were announced at 10:30 p.m. Out of 132 who appeared only 37 cleared the interviewI was one of the 37.. Finally got a job after 4 campuses!!!!!!! Syntel was my 5th company.

Moral support is quite important during campuses guys.and I must say I have a very awesome support system in the form of my friends, parents and above all GOD!!!!!! Never give up. Try till u succeed.