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Rainbow Sr. Secondry School, Delhi ,12 December 2010 by Synergy

Details of Rainbow Sr. Secondry School, Delhi ,12 December 2010 by Synergy conducted by Synergy for job interview.
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Part -1 Technical ( 100 Questions Computer Science)

Q(1) What will be output of the following-
(a) tim (b) keep printing tim (c) black screen (d) none

Q(2) In which Data structure insertion and deletion is not possible in middle but at ends.
(a) Linked list (b)Pointer Array (c) Queue (d) Dqueue.

Q(3) OSI Model consist of how many Layer

(a) 2 (b)4 (c) 7 (d)9

Q(4) Why NAND gate is called universal gate?

Q(5) Which of the following not supported by C++
(a) Encapsulation (b) Abstraction (c) Reflection (d) Inheritence

Q(6) Which of the following support Diamond Inheritence
(a) C++ (b) Java (c) C (d) none

Q(7) Suppose X is a class and arg is parameter then What is syntax of passing parameter in a copyconstructor
(a) X(X arg) (b) X(X *arg) (c) X(X &arg) (d)none

Q(8) What is difference between Hub and Repeater?

Q(9) If there are 6 input to a Nand Gate the how many column will bw there in Full addre table?

Q(10) Which of the following is a DDL statement
(a) Delete (b) Turncate (c)Both a and b (d) none

Some other questions I am not remembering exactly. But approx 8 simple questions were based on OSI model layer and 7 Question based on simple SQL queries and 15 questions based on Java and C++ and 7 question on digital electronics and 15 question on Operating System and 15 on Data structure.

C++, Java, DBMS, SQL, Computer Network, Operating System and Data Structure are the subject from which questions were asked in paper.

Overall Technicl section was easy but need some rivision of technical question.

Part -2

Section (1) Generel awareness (25 Questions)

Q(1) Who have desinged the Symbol of Indian Rupee?

Q(2) Where is Jim Nationa Corbet park in India?

Q(3) Who have got the Rajiv Khel ratan award of 2010?

Q(4) In which state of India Population density is very High?

Some other questions were asked based on current gk.

Section(2) Reasoning(25 Question)

Just like R.S. Aggrawal book Questions
Section(3) English (25 Questions)

5 Question were Based on Article use, 5 on correct preposition based, and 10 Question were based on Comperihensive Passage

Section(4) Numerical ability(25 Quetions)

Most of questions were asked from Simple intreset, Compound intrest, Percentege, Time and work. Just follow R.S. Aggrawal.