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Bangalore ,25 October 2008 by SSC

Details of Bangalore ,25 October 2008 by SSC conducted by SSC for job interview.

Company profile
Subex Limited
Adarsh Tech Park
Outer Ring Road, Devearabisannalli
Bangalore - 560,037, India

hii...I,m Krishnakumar Pisharody from Kerala...25oct2008 I attended one aptitude test for the post of (Engineer -Technical support in Subex Ltd,Outer ring road, Banglore.

First round was aptitude test , contains 25 questions, (Verbal, Analytical reasoning& brain teasers ).40 minutes was the test duration...It was overall easy...Here I describe some questions..

Verbal: They give some passages and after that some objective type questions..
Analytical Reasoning:
Q1.In one company there are 3 men, tom,jack,karan and 3 women.Eliza ,anni,meri.Company allots 9 cottages in one row. For one person one room will be allot. The staffs give some conditions to arrange their own cottages, that are some body dont wanna get room at end points. Ladies said that they cant live with adjacent cottages ,their next cottage must be vacant. somebody wanna live next to the end cottages. somebody wanna live along with their friends....these are the conditions .Then questions are based on this description like , How many live next to vacant cottages?, Anni lives in between who &who?,etc.....
Q2)Give some menu card for a hotel ,(monday holiday) some items are get only particular days, some items available only on one day per week, some items twice or thrice per week, and question based on this description...

Q1) A and B do a work with 5 days ,A and C in 6 days ,B and C in 20 days.. If a do alone how many days it will take?

Q2) Three Orange, Six banana, Eight apple worth Rs.30. 7 Orange ,4 Banana ,2 apple worth Rs.20 , then 5Orange,5Banana,5Apple can get with how much ?

Q3)How many zeros will display in the product of number between 1-100?