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26 April 2004 by SkyTECH

Details of 26 April 2004 by SkyTECH conducted by SkyTECH for job interview.
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Package 4.25 lpa / Growth prospects - excellant / Foreign oppurtunities - good .

Test pattern :

ROUND -1 : APTI -ENG- DI- Figure based questions ( SWIFT TEST ) . TOTAL 24 ques in 18 minutes.

18 minutes aptitude test consisting of 3 sections ( English , aptitude , graphs- DI , figures based reasoning ) . Each of three sections is further divided into two sub sections of 3 minute each . Each sub-section contains 4 questions per 3minutes. if u r unable to answer the page will automatically pass after 3 minutes .
Question were easy . But time was a major constraint. It is the crucial round .

No negative marking . calculator was allowed ( but not needed).

out of 400 students , 60 got selected after 1st round.

ROUND 2 : Technical ( EE / ETC / EEE/ MECH )
Each branch got separate paper with 25 questions in 30 minutes . ques were numerical type ( for EE : control sys, machines, power sys, ckt ) .

Around 45 students were selected after 2nd round.

Round 3: Interview
For EE - Hopkinsons test , Protection , effect on Surge impedance for various conditions, peterson coil ,transformer oil ,

Finally 6 students ( 3 EE , 3 ETC) were selected.

Hope the above description will help u . ALL THE BEST !


Here are the questions of written test (as much I can recollect from my memory), conducted by Skytech Solutions Private Ltd. Kolkata on 26th April 04.


Six friends a, b, c, d, e & f stood in a manner that no-one was in between b & d. a never stood last. e stood in the 3rd position

5 options were given from which we had to choose the possible sequence of their standing.

5 persons & 4 languages. Each person knows 2 languages. Like A knows Spanish & Japanese, B knows Italian & French, C knows French & Japanese, D knows Spanish & Italian, E knows Italian & Japanese. I dont remember the exact combinations.

Now if C & D want to communicate with each other who can be the best coordinator for them. Ans: All the other 4 members.

From the above conditions, if a new member is added to the group what 2 languages the new member must know to communicate with maximum number of members in the group?

In an amusement park six persons were going by 5 cars. Some conditions were given X was sharing a car, Y was going behind an empty car & was not sharing any car. Z was behind W and ahead of T. Like this, I dont remember the exact conditions. Then 5 statements were given like - if X was in 3rd or 4th position Y would be ahead of Z etc& we had to choose from those 5 statements, which one was not possible at all.

5-9 One sentence was given in each question & we had to fill in the gaps in the sentences choosing correct words from given options. I dont remember the sentences.

10-12 Questions were based on the following conditions -

2 walls of a room were required to paint with 6 colors purple, green, orange, red, yellow, blue such that

Each wall must be painted with 3 colors.

Purple and yellow must be painted on the same wall.

Blue and Orange must not be on the same wall.

2 walls must not be painted with the same combination of colors.

10. Which one is not a possible combination for any one wall? 4 options were given.

11. 4 options were given each containing 2 sets of colors, one set for one wall other set for another wall. Which set is possible?

12. One combination of 3 colors were given, we had to choose from 4 given options, which can be the other combination?


In this section some graphs were given & we were supposed to calculate and choose answer according to the graphs. I dont remember the questions (7-8 questions).

And I dont remember the exact sequence of question nos too.

q 2 train go from stations A to B. There are 2 stations a & b in between A & B.

Now arrival and departure times of the trains were given-

A a(arr) a(dep) b(arr) b(dep) B

12:20 12:46 12:48 12:58 01:05 01:35

11:40 12:10 12:12 12:30 12:40 01:20

What was the ratio of average speeds between the 2 trains:

a) 4:3 b)7:6 c)6:5 d) can not be determined

If the 1st train was going in uniform speed then what is the distances between A to a and b to B :

a) 13:15 b)15:13 c) 7:6 d) can not be determined

Some questions were based on the following table.


No of computers per 1000 person

No of telephone lines per 1000

Cant remember this field



















Taking all the 6 countries what is the average no of computers per 1000 person ?
In China if every computer owner has 2 telephone lines then what is the % of people having only telephone lines? ans 0.8%

2 more questions were based on the above table, which I dont remember. Every question had 4 options.

Visual Analysis

The problems in this section are same as those given in the book of R. S. Aggarwal, Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-verbal Reasoning, in the non-verbal reasoning section, chapter 2 - analogy.

It was the easiest part. I can remember one of them and drawing it for u. Rests were as easy as this one.


Answer options

(a) (b) (c) (d)

Ans: (c)

Programming ability