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SISL,Bangalore ,29 March 2008 by SIEMENS

Details of SISL,Bangalore ,29 March 2008 by SIEMENS conducted by SIEMENS for job interview.
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1. Totally 50 questions were there.
2. Two sections
* Technical 25 questions
* Apptitude 25 questions
3. Duration of the test was 40 min.
4. Negative mark 0.25 for each wrong answers.

Our exam started sharply at 1.30 P.M and sharply and nicely ended at 2.10 P.M. Two batches like 8.00 AM and 1.00 PM batch were conducted.I have appeared in 1.00 PM batch. More than 200 members appeared. But Selected candidates in our batch was only 10.

One question booklet with sequntially printed 50 questions.
Some of the questions i can remember. I would like to tell you those questions, I hope it will definitely help you.
Ok following are some of the useful things about the written pattern.

In technical questions they asked only from the following areas.
* Operating Systems.
* Computer Networks.
* C
* C++
that all. No other areas. All the questions were really very very basic questions. You can easily answer.

* Operating Systems.
-> Starting 2 to 3 questions were related to Windows NT.
-> Demand paging.
-> Fragmentation.

* Computer Networks
-> Read thoroughly the functions of every layers in OSI model.
-> only two questions related to networks, both of them were related to layers.

* C & C++
-> Very basic c apptitude questions were there.
-> For example,
1. func(int x,int& y)
void main()
int a,b;