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Placement Paper Banglore 01 February 2012 by SIEMENS

Details of Placement Paper Banglore 01 February 2012 by SIEMENS conducted by SIEMENS for job interview.
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I attended SIEMENS campus drive at HKBK college of engineering Banglore. This time was entirely different from previous years.. The selection procedures are

1. Written Test

a) Technical C++ (for all branches)

b) General aptitude( Reasoning, picture assumption, graphs, reading passages)

2. Technical interview

3. HR in interview

Written test was very easy if you had gone through the basics of C++ but general aptitude was tough.. the only thing is time management There were three section .. for each section having only six minutes. So manage your time properly. But clearing written test is nothing with your hardwork and knowledge its luck if your head line is not good gone. So friends pray hard.. that is the only way to success..

Eligibilty :70% BE..

40 .. students attended.. among them 15 were shortlisted. From that they took 8 people so friends prepare C++ well. Pray

If u dont get through dnt get depressed.. some other good companies may be waiting for you people.This was my 6th company.. dont loose your hope.. be patience U will get throuhg. Cooollll