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Placement Papers And Candidate Experience 2008 by Satyam

Details of Placement Papers And Candidate Experience 2008 by Satyam conducted by Satyam for job interview.
This is Meena from P.R. Engineering College, Tanjore.

I attended the off campuss held at ANNA UNIVERSITY, TRICHY-2008. By GODS GRACE I got selected. The first round was APTITUDE ROUND. We were seperated on college wise and got into the round.

I was in second batch and entered hall by 4 pm. The 10th, 12th and semester percentage were asked in the answer paper. There are 15 questions and note there is a negative mark 0.25 for every wrong answer. The way you solve the problems also matters i think. So please be careful. I attended nine questions and they had cut-off as 6. Results were announced around 8.00 pm. The are around 1300 students the selected students are around 250. The questions were on series completion, profit and loss, age, etc..; It is enough if go though R.S.Agarwal. We were asked to assemble back at 8.00 am the next day. The first session was filling the resume. Be careful since the HR round is based on that. Then they asked to write an essay on the spot topic. My topic was "Whom do you want to be with you at this moment?" Essay is important since there is no GD round. I wrote that I should be mentally present and conclude that self help is best help. The next session was interview. It may be pure HR or technical and HR. I got pure HR. My HR was really so cool. He questioned me about my family background, my marks, my greatest achievement and my essay. Impress the HR by your speech. Be confident always. Have a smiling face. Be bold enough. Be sure with your answers. He asked me to pose questions. I asked about special qualification to enter into SATYAM and about FIFA world cup sponser of SATYAM. Then he asked me to leave. Then we wind up. Results were announced after 10 days. I got selected. The truth is nothing I did. Its only due to GOD ALMIGHTY. This is not my first interview. I already lost Hexaware at on campuss. So be prepare, dont get afraid, dont loose heart and above all believe on the super power GOD. All the best for all engineers. I ll pray for you all. MAY EVERY ONE OF YOU WILL BE SELECTED IN YOUR DREAM CONCERN BY GODS GRACE. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.