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General - Other United College Of Engg. & Research,Allahabad - 1 March 2008 by Satyam

Details of General - Other United College Of Engg. & Research,Allahabad - 1 March 2008 by Satyam conducted by Satyam for job interview.

By the grace of god & blessings of my parents I have qualified satyam written & interview. My name is Sachin mittal student of ECE branch studying in United College Of Engg. & Research,ALLAHABAD. There was a pool campus of satyam in AAI university,ALLAHABAD on 18th of January. But interviews on 1st march.

Around 280 students were selected in written from 1200 & in 280 ,120 students get selected in interviews except my college. Bcoz the no. of students from alone my college was 112 in 280. So,they have taken interview of other colleges on 19th of jan. & our interviews held on 1st march.

First of all I want to say that I m not the topper of my class,I am an avg. student so dont think that only toppers can do it.

There was 15 ques. & 30 mins paper in which there was questions from:-
1. Profit & loss
2. Percentage
3. Men & work problems
4. Data sufficiency
5. Venn diagrams
6. Ages
7. Compound interest

Questions were not much tough but what matters is your speed. So practice ques thoroughly. If you are doing 7-10 ques then you can think that you are safe. Keep in mind that there is lower &upper both cut off.

After written exam pre placement talk held.

Before interview there was essay writing also. My topic was LEADERS ARE BORN OR MADE. Some other topics were it industry in india ,Metro trains,Impact of lagaan movie, Impact of chak de movie, Budget 08. Essay writing was not a eliminating round.

I was bit nervous for interview. But I must say that mine interviewer was very cool & understanding. Firstly he asked me tell me about yourself . Then greatest achievement in my academic field, then questions from my field i.e. What is feedback ?,Example of feedback ,Where it is used. Then on staibility of systems.Then questions from C such as What is malloc & calloc function?,What is structures. Then he came on HR interview. He asked tell me about your father,mother& siblings.Then questions from my essay. Atlast he asked told me what you have observed in me in the whole interview. Then thank you.

My interview was of around 15-20 mins. 38 students get selected among 105 students in interview.

In my opinion the most important thing in your interview is just enter with a smile,have smiling face in whole interview,dont be tensed, be confident & have good communication skills and thats it & you are through as I am.

Pray to god & every thing will be all right,& you will be a satyamite. So see you in satyam..