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General - Other Terna Engineering College,Nerul - 23 November 2007 by Satyam

Details of General - Other Terna Engineering College,Nerul - 23 November 2007 by Satyam conducted by Satyam for job interview.

Hi friends!! I m Rutuja, first a fall I would like 2 thank all those who have contributed in freshers world, it was really a great help. I would like 2 tell u d overall pattern & my experience in d selection process of Satyam Computers which was held on 23 & 24 November 2007 at Terna College of engineering, Nerul. First we had a presentation at around 9.30am by Hr colonel Vishwas sir. After the presentation the apti was conducted around 11am .

APTITUDE TEST (0.25 ve marking so attempt only those which Ur confident about).

Ques on Pyramid (very simple d Pyramid follows a certain pattern have 2 follow it & find the missing no)
If 0 is $ and 1 is % then find LCM or code 4 some no.(use just binary logic)
sum on percentage wid ratio & proportion
Series completion
Identify d next figure
Sequential output tracing(if input is some no sequence then identify step 5)
sum on Profit & loss
SI given & based on it find compound interest
Which statement weakens d above Para
statement conclusion
problem on clock
If original no b reversed & then added to 2 less than d same no. What is d original no?
Immediately after the apti the results were announced at around 3.30pm.Out of 300 around 99 were selected 4 d interview. We were than asked 2 fill a form in which v had 2 fill in our details like SSC, HSC, Engineering aggregate, about our final year project, work experience if any and much more. After that v were told to write essay on any topic 4rm d following-

1. Present scenario of IT sector in India

2. IT and me

3. IT sector in India and China (comparison)

Then roll no vise v were called 4 d tech-Hr interview there were 2 panels. I was send in d 1st panel. My interviewer was d same Hr who gave us d presentation. I was abit nervous. The questions asked 2 me were-

1. Tell me something about yourself which is different 4rm others.

2. Can CDMA and GSM be linked 2gether? (Yes)

3. Interviewer had asked me his namebut unfortunately I couldnt recollect his name I really felt bad at that moment.

4. He asked me whether I had gone through Satyams website.

5. Asked me reason 4 marks decrementing. (Explained satisfied)

6. Asked me whether I had appeared 4 any other companies interview

And this is how my interview ended. Next day v were called 4 the results. And

Around 3.30pm the results were announced .Out of 99 around 78 were selected & I was one of them. So dont lose hope anytime, they only see Ur soft skills and confidence. This was my 10th company u never know when Ur luck is with u. Just have faith in urself and God will be with u. I am greatly honored to be a Satyamite. See u in Satyam.