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General - Other NM Institute Of Engg. & Technology. Bhubaneswar - 22 January 2008 by Satyam

Details of General - Other NM Institute Of Engg. & Technology. Bhubaneswar - 22 January 2008 by Satyam conducted by Satyam for job interview.
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Hello everyone I am Debashish Pattanayak continuing my 3rd year engg. (ECE) from NM Institute of Engg. and Technology, Bhubaneswarwe had satyam on our campus on 22nd .Before starting my experience let me tell u one important thing.I am really thankful to freshersworld for my success in Satyam.... Satyam came to NMIET., Bhubaneswar on 22nd Jan. It was a two day process

On first day we had a written apti test. It was as usual 30 min test with 15 questions. It was a zero day campus.

Aptitude test as u all know consisted of 15 qs..30 mins n plz be cautious ther is negative marking(1/4th marks) sincere suggestion is plz be careful..answer to qs which u know perfectlyor else take it granted In aptitude ther were qs based on permutations,age,relations,compound interest,analytical reasoning,..etc..sorry dont remember al of them..

Next we were asked to fill to resume form which they provided after the pre-placemnt plz be cautious the qs will be asked based on this resume only..for example if u have done a proj writ in the resume .the hr will ask u many qs based on this..n then v were given a topic n asked to write about 300 words.i wrote the essay in the best possible way

Paper was ok... Some ques were from time and distance, simple and compound interest, there was 1 qsn. like if 1=alpha,0=beta,then what will be 3 x 3 + 1?
Ans: 3 x 3 + 1 =10
10 can be written in binary form 1 0 1 0 now put the values of 1 and 0.

Overall you just hav to complete R.S.Agarwal.
Out of all the students only 237 were selected for next round i.e. for interview. There was no G.D. round.

Then interview started. It was really very long process. My intrview was on the same day. Interview was done in alphabetical order.

In the interview i was asked to introduce myself then i was asked if i was a project manager and i have very little knowledge about the project then what will i do?
the interviewer was impressed by my answer and he told me very gud.
then he asked some qsns regarding DBMS, then asked me my fav subject and asked some qsns,
then he asked me to write one C program..
i wrote it. dat was all..

interviewer was very impressed by my answrs and shaked my hands.. dat was all about the interview..

the result was announced on 23rd jan.. out of 237 students only 95 were selected