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Vidyaniketan,Tirupati ,12 August 2008 by Sasken

Details of Vidyaniketan,Tirupati ,12 August 2008 by Sasken conducted by Sasken for job interview.
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1.Written test
5.H.R-2(Finalising round)

Written Test: 65 questions in 75min.(1 1/4 hr)-No Negative marking.Each one carries 1mark.

Question paper is different for ECE & CSE.This paper is for ECE students. There were two sets of question papers. For us it started around 9.40 AM & ends by 10.55 AM.

There were three sections (No core subjects in written).

1.Verbal ability-15ques:15min
5ques on synonyms.i,e italic word in a sentence must be replaced by a synonym.
Two technical passages (abt SQL,Communication) with 10ques were given.
Technical passages to check the inference capability abt topic.

2.Logical Resoning-25ques:30min.- R.S.Agarwal is enough.
Two puzzles-10ques,Coding&Decoding-5ques,Syllogism-3ques,Arguments-3ques

3.C language-25ques:30min.-Pointers in C,Test your C skills by Yashwanth Kanetkar.
No basic ques they will go in deep.Here we got 3 to 4 C++ questions also.Pointers,malloc(),calloc(),enum,functions,macros,directives are some of the imp topics. Results are out at 1.30 PM.Out of 700+ students 120 cleared written test.

For 40 students who cleared written test they conducted Technical & HR on 12th evening and selected 13 students(they gave spot offer letters), for remaining students on 13th.My number was 114.So my interview was on 13th that too last.I am so lucky that I got time for preparation.

My Technical round started at night 9.30.I went inside there was a young HR person. He started asking me from my resume.He asked me about paper presentation (specified), some core subjects like AC,DC,STLD and more abt C,ComputerNetworks.I answered the questions that I perfectly know.If you dont know the answer tell him sorry sir I dont know.I told like that for one que.My technical went for 45min here project,paper presentations will help us by this we can divert his mind from core subjects.

At 10.30pm there were 25 students remaining for HR.Then they put Group discussion for us to select students as it became late at night.For each batch there were 5 students.My topic was Is English necessary for succes in life.It went for 10min.

After GD at 11.00pm my first HR started.There were a lady HR.She asked me about Family background,strengths,Hobbies and a situation.It went for 20min.They mainly see your attitude and communication.

At 11.25pm my second HR it was just like a catwalk.I went inside again another lady HR. She is very cool.she asked me area of interest to work.Once again family background.After that she offerd me a offer letter. Its really a heavenly moment for me.

It was my third company.I didnt clear satyam,Infosys.By Gods grace I got this offer.

Dont loose cofidence on you.Pray God definitly you will get succes.

Arise Awake and stop not, till the goal is reached